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Types of Home Siding: The 10 Most Popular

Updated on April 6, 2017
Home siding.
Home siding.


Siding can just be a decoration to some homeowners but necessary to some. Houses are sometimes covered partially unlike the others just to have a decorative effect, but siding actually plays an important role to anyone’s house especially for weatherproofing functions. It is vital in protecting your home against insects and other harsh elements from the outside.

There are many types of siding to choose from. There are wooden boards, vinyl, aluminum and some synthetic options like fiber cement.

1. Vinyl Siding

This is one of most famous siding these days. When it comes to versatility, durability and low cost, this is the perfect siding. The colors of vinyl are endless and different texture that will surely captivate anyone’s eyes.

2. Metal Siding

Most homeowners who are using this type of siding are those houses that have modern style. The most common type is steel siding and aluminum. Good thing about this is that it has low maintenance and the colors do not fade. Since this one is metal, insects do not have a chance to build their home inside.

3. Wood Siding

This adds natural and beautiful color to houses. Since it is made with wood, this has an inviting appeal and it will make anyone feels warm. This is perfect for house location that has cold weather. Since this is a lightweight material, it can easily be installed and replaced.

4. Brick Siding

This can actually last a lifetime. This type of siding is very classy and elegant that many homeowners return to brick siding. This is fire resistant and no termites can build home inside of it.

5. Fiber Cement Siding

This type is actually built to mimic the feel and look of natural wood siding. Unlike the real wood siding this has less maintenance, cost and insects. This is not prone to rot and also fire resistant. This does not fade and also very versatile.

6. Stone Siding

This has extreme resistance to fire, moisture, temperature and insects. Water is enough to maintain it. Good thing about it, this will last a lifetime.

7. Stucco Siding

This type is rarely used especially when considering the location. This siding can be painted, textured or just smoothen. Yes, zero insects and rots too.

8. Shaker Siding

This actually gives an artistic and rustic appeal to houses. It is actually made from cedar or those split woods. This type requires periodic maintenance such as painting to prevent any damage especially from nature.

9. Horizontal Lap Siding

This type works well with homeowners who want a simple but stylish home exterior. This can be made from aluminum, vinyl, wood or fiber cement. This can give your home a traditional style for an affordable price.

10. Board and Batten Siding

This is also good for traditional like home because it is made from wood or fiber cement. If you want your house to appear taller, then use this siding.


Choosing the right siding is like shopping; choosing the style, the color and the texture, you prefer the most as well as considering the things they can do and why they are necessary. You also estimate the budget and check if it’s the right choice that will suit your needs.

However, you may need help in choosing the best one. In installing the siding, of course, you will need help from the professionals, siding contractors in Brownstown, Michigan is one of the most trusted. Always remember that there is always a thing that suits your likes and needs.


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