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Types of LED DJ Lighting Packages

Updated on October 4, 2011

DJ lighting packages are available in a variety of formats but there is none more popular than those that use LED lights. Where once used simply as Christmas lights, for lighting live music shows on in theatre productions, these LED lights have become popular in dance floor and stage productions due to many factors that make them attractive for such uses.

One of the features of using LED lights for DJ lighting packages is that LED lights have a low power consumption. This means that numerous fixtures can be used on a small power supply which is good for lighting up small bands or a smaller disco dance floor. LED lights also do not produce a great deal of heat so they can increase the comfort of an already heated dance floor area. The primary LED colors are red, green and blue and these can be blended together in a variety of combinations that gives the deejay an assortment of color choices and effects. They are also very bright when compared to their power consumption and can easily light up a wall or ceiling in an exciting display. Their light weight and great portability enables them to be used in many different types of applications.

LED lights are arranged in DJ lighting packages either as a panel or strip with an array of red, green or blue lights or in a more compact collection of lights that produce a single beam of light similar to a floodlight. The panels or strips can be used to light up flat areas such as walls or the lower parts of ceilings while the floodlight variety can focus the light on a special area of the dance floor or even on a dancing couple.

Another new use for LED lights is as moving lights. The LED lights are placed in fixtures that can move and can be used to create patterns, colors and moving images on walls of the dance floor to produce a type of lighting show.

An important element of DJ lighting packages using LED lights is having a DMX controller. Different channels of the DMX controller control the combinations of the red, green and blue lights while other channels control their intensity and serve to create special effects.

There are some factors that need to be considered when using LED lights in DJ lighting packages. Although LED lights can be combined to produce a single beam of light, due to the many sources of light in the fixture the beam is not as focused or sharp as using a standard can light. This can be effective in producing a more imprecise glow that can create a more subtle lighting impression. In general, LED lights are not as bright as their fluorescent or incandescent counterparts but again can be used for a more elusive effect. In addition, their intensity drops off with distance so they may be more effective in lighting smaller dance areas.

With both their advantages and limitations, LED lights can be an important part of DJ lighting packages to add flair and diversity to the lighting of any dance floor.


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