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Types of Organic Fertilizers

Updated on April 10, 2015
Bone Meal image from
Bone Meal image from

There are many types of organic fertilizers. You’ll just have to choose which of these to use. Using an organic fertilizer is as good as using those chemical-based ones. But then again, using non-toxic products on your plants and soil is always a better option (more safer around humans and pet,s and is also eco-friendly). So to make your selections more easier to pick (some of these can also be purchased or made at home), check out the list of organic fertilizer types provided in this article.

sea kelp for fertilizer
sea kelp for fertilizer

Seaweed (Kelp) Fertilizer

Seaweed or Kelp (dried brown seaweed that is not roaster or seasoned) is usually a type of untreated fertilizer that is in a seaweed tea form. It is a good type of compost, and is typically created by just adding dried seaweed into some water. This is soaked in water, just like how ordinary teas are prepared. Other than that, this mixture will then be used as a liquid fertilizer to spray on plants. It is a good organic product that does not harm nor burn plants; and is also full of nutrients (contains minerals and plant growth hormones).

Fish Meal

Fish Meal or fish emulsion contains blends of fish (leftovers of commercial fish production) that have already decomposed. It also contains nitrogen and phosphorus (important ingredients when it comes to the plants health); and is a fertilizer that works quickly.

Cottonseed Meal

Cottonseed Meal is another type of natural fertilizer (one of the most common ones used) that also goes through a composting process. You can use this fertilizer for plants that are tolerable to acids because it usually has an acidic reaction, when it comes into contact with the soil. Other than that, it can also be applied on flowering plants. 

manure fertilizer image from
manure fertilizer image from


Using animal manure is one of the most common fertilizers (a well-balanced fertilizer) used when it comes to organic gardening. Although it may be low in nutrients, it can still be used alongside vermicomposting. You may also choose to use Bat Guano, as it is also considered as one of the best organic fertilizers (a by-product from bats) used today. It is basically made up of humus, which is a material that helps in keeping the soil lush and rich.

Bone Meal

Bone meal is basically made out of crushed bones of organisms. It also contains phosphorus (beneficial for plant use as well) and calcium. It is also a type of fertilizer that provides a long-term fertilization solution. 

There are a variety of fertilizers that are natural and organic that can work the same way as chemical fertilizers, but better. So opt to use the good types of organic fertilizers. These will help you get the same results with your plants and soil without ever harming them. You can buy organic fertilizer online or buy at a nearby local gardening shop.


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    • profile image

      Casimiro 5 years ago

      Really appreciate this hub as we are trying to farm organically here in Costa Rica, while most of our neighbors do not. So, it's not always easy to find which materials are around. We've had a hard time so far finding bone meal, which we need for new plantings to promote root growth. It used to be available locally at the feed stores but since the Mad Cow Disease scare it's scarce.