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Types of Swimming Pool Safety Fences

Updated on August 13, 2013

Pool Fence

A swimming pool safety fence is an important safety measure that should be installed in any home that has a backyard swimming pool. This is to prevent young children from entering the pool when there is no adult to supervise them. A swimming pool safety barrier has been found to be the most effective form of safety, and it is estimated that backyard pool drownings have decreased by about 20% since many states have began to enforce new safety laws. Not only can a pool fence reduce the risk of a young child from drowning in your pool, but it can also prevent animals and adults from accidentally falling into the pool.

Further benefits of a safety fence include that the water will remain much cleaner as litter and garden debris is will not be likely to blow in, and depending on the type of pool fence you choose you can also make your pool area more private.

Black Aluminium Pool Fence

Types of Pool Safety Fence

There are a number of different materials that are used to construct safety fences, and the type you choose will depend on your individual backyard and also the level of safety that you require. There are certain rules that must be followed regarding the height of the fence, and also the entrance, which should be self locking with the latch placed on the inside.

If you would like your safety fence to also provide privacy around the swimming pool area it is a good idea to choose a fence that is made from wooden planks or vinyl panels. The panels must be placed very close together, so a child is not able to slide through the gaps. You should also make sure that the space between the fence and the ground is no more than 4 inches. When choosing a pool safety fence made from wood you should bear in mind that it will require some annual maintenance, and you will probably need to paint and weatherproof it with varnish at least once a year. Vinylt is a material that does not need a lot of care, and it will withstand bad weather conditions quite well

If you would like to give your pool area an ornamental look, you could try going for a wrought iron or aluminum safety fence. These provide a very strong barrier, and even an adult will not be able to enter the pool area without having a key. The downside to these materials is that some homeowners think they give the pool area a "jailed in" look, but this is of course entirely a matter of opinion, as a wrought iron fence can be made to look fabulous when it is painted a shade of dark green and decorated with garden plants and flowers.

Glass safety fences have become popular in recent years, because they give the garden a very elegant look. They can also make a small backyard appear much larger, and therefore have value to the property. However, glass may not be the best choice if you have older children and teens who like to play boisterous games in the backyard.


Mesh Fences

Perhaps the most popular and probably the most practical type of swimming pool safety fences are those that are made of clear wire mesh. These allow swimming pool users to see the rest of the garden while in the pool, and those on the outside of the pool can also see what is happening inside from all angles.

Furthermore, they are very easy to put up and a professional swimming pool fence installation company will usually be able to finish the job in just a day or two. They are also a very economical option compared to other materials, and can be dismantled easily.

Pool fences of any kind can be fitted at either end to an existing fence or wall that separates the yard from neighbours, or it can be fully enclosed when the pool is in the centre of the yard. If fitted with a locking door, there should be no risk of children entering the pool area when parents' backs are turned.


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