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Unique Garden Pest Control Measures

Updated on May 22, 2014

Every Spring gardeners struggle with the issue of pest control management and how to best implement a plan of garden pest control measures that make an impact. Too often the chosen approach is to purchase pest control products that are heavy on chemicals and bad for both humans and the environment, but by utilizing a few unique garden pest control measures gardeners can have a great garden without the associated collateral damage.

Here's a closer look at some lesser used pest management tools that work very well in helping to assure a bumper crop:

Diatomaceous Earth

This is an outstanding natural product formed by nature millions of years ago that is little more than microscopic fossils that have extremely jagged edges. Diatomaceous earth is simply sprinkled around the garden perimeter and around plants bases to form a barrier - when soft-bodied insects attempt to crawl over it to get to your garden plants they are cut and torn, dying a short time later. This may sound like a bit of an odd way to kill garden insects it works like a charm.

Pheromone Traps

Another fantastic tool to eliminate many common garden insects is through the use of pheromone traps. These are nothing more than a plastic trap that garden pests are drawn to attracted by the pheromone scent that causes the urge to reproduce to come to the forefront of insect behavior. The pests are trapped and die, with the best thing about these traps being that they are available in about 100 different types that kill many common insect species that are problematic in gardening. These are among the best unique garden pest control measures available to stop a variety of worms and moths very quickly.

Floating Row Covers

Any comprehensive pest management plan should include at the least a moderate amount of floating row covers to help augment garden insect control measures. Delicate plants that are prone to attack from winged insects can be protected by this polyester fabric that is draped over plant tops but still allows the majority of available sunlight through. This is a wonderful garden pest control measure that is cheap and easy to use in any garden setting.

Place Flowers Between Vegetable Plants

Certain types of flowering plants emit an odor that is unbearable for various types of garden insects, and if these are incorporated in and around vegetable plants in the garden they are quite valuable in garden pest management. For example, marigolds reduce the beetle and aphid population and rue works amazingly well in keeping many types of worms and leaf eating insects away.

Garden Decoys

Now that you have addressed garden insect control appropriately, don't forget about larger garden pests like mice, chipmunks and the occasional neighborhood stray cat. Scarecrows and plastic figures of predatory birds like owls and hawks placed on a post in the center of your garden are among the most unique garden pest control measures out there, and are excellent conversation starters for visitors to your home.

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