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Unique Red Curtains Using Toile

Updated on September 25, 2010

At some point, most homeowners decide that they would like to change the look of one or more rooms in their home. The easiest way to do this is to change the style or color of the window treatments in the room. There are so many types available that one should not have trouble discovering the perfect curtain for their needs. Changing the style can dramatically alter the look of a room; but changing to a brighter color can make a room look outstanding.

One interesting type of drapery material is made from a fabric known as “toile”, first used in the 16th century and popular in a variety of settings. This fabric is often a white or cream color with a printed pattern on it. These patterns usually depict pastoral scenes, botanicals, or even historic scenes, and are usually printed in shades of red, blue, or other dark colors. For those who are looking for unique red curtains to use in their home, this may be one worth trying to add some pizzazz to your living space.

If you wish to use red and cream curtains in your décor, this is the perfect fabric to use. There are many ways to use the various shades of red toile curtains that are available, depending on the statement you want the room to make. For instance, rose toile curtains in a living room can transform it from an ordinary, nondescript room into one with a country feel. To give a room an exotic feel, one can combine crimson toile drapes with black oriental accent pieces in the room.

Using various shades of this strong color allow this type of fabric to be used in many different situations. One may use toile fabric, perhaps with pink or salmon colored patterns, in a nursery décor. This fabric also makes a wonderful change for the bathroom window dressing. Using a color such as burgundy for the toile pattern on the shower curtain as well as for the window covering, and accent pieces matching the shower curtain color, can result in an elegant room to escape the daily stress in one’s life and add an extra level of comfort to the space.

These drapes, depending on which shade is used, can change an ordinary room into one reflective of the occupant’s style; whether it is sophisticated, adventurous, or trendy. Choosing to use this type of fabric when decorating one’s home can present unlimited new ideas for the homeowner to explore.


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