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Unique Ways To Recycle And Help Save The Planet #2

Updated on June 19, 2013

Saving the earth and recycling became popular in the 60’s, but the enthusiasm has stalled and again our landfills are filling up with items that are reusable and recyclable. Refuel that desire to save this beautiful planet with some of these penny pinching, practical and creative ways. Discover some easy unique ways to recycle and help save our planet!

Save those wide mouth mason jars that come with jams, sauces and pickles. With a little bit of acrylic or glass paint, dress up the jars and use for drinking glasses or vases. Out of the various paints available, you can use opaque colors for stain glass effect, frosty paint that is dabbed on or solid polish finishes to express your art.

Before applying your design, be sure to mask tape the lip about 1 inch down so no food or drink will contact the paint. Clean with water and vinegar or rubbing alcohol to prepare surface and let dry thoroughly. Use latex gloves while painting to avoid introducing skin oils to the surface. Cure according to paint directions. If requiring heat curing, place glass jars in cool oven for required time, then open oven door and let cool before removing.

What about all those panty hose. It takes 30 to 40 years for panty hose to breakdown. In this billion dollar business, there are plenty of pantyhose out there with great reuses. Because of the nylon, it works well for tying up of plants. Not only is it stretchy and gives to growth and movement, but is strong and can last a few years for its purpose. Multiply uses have popped up everywhere, such as storage of onions and flowering bulbs, emergency fan belt, polishing cloth. Cover your floor broom with hose and watch the static pick up even more dirt and hair! To use as a sieve, insert a coat hanger and remove scum from pools and ponds.

In the heart of recycling, the panty and nylon manufacturers are now offering free shipping labels for you to return and they recycle the material. Finally some companies are exercising their responsibility and keeping “green”. Look up your hose manufacturers online and see what they offer.

Remember candle making. Save those small jam, pickle and baby jars for homemade oil scented candles. Those snack cardboard cans are excellent for candle molds. Once the wax is set, the cardboard mold easily peals away.

Paraffin is an inexpensive wax to use for candle making, but remember it is also a byproduct of petroleum. Bees wax and vegetable and soy wax are wonderful natural alternatives. Instead of dye, use those left over wax crayons!

Stop throwing away all those coffee cans! Both the plastic and tin can have many uses. Store all those plastic bags in a plastic or tin can container. Be sure to cut a big X in the lid for easy retrieval. This same idea works well with the small cans for those spools of twine, feeding the beginning of string through the hole in lid. Cut bottom of big coffee containers and place around young garden plants for protection from critters and wind. Be sure to remove before plant gets too big or simply cut away. Paint those cans and turn into flower pots that can line a walkway, cluster in corner of patio or attached to fences posts.

Open those creative juices you have stored for awhile and rekindle the movement of saving our planet. Beautify your home and make wonderful gifts for family and friends while spreading the word of recycle and reuse. Discover how good it will make you feel, to know you are helping in healing the earth with these unique ways to recycle. Help save our Earth!


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