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Universal Lights of Wisdom

Updated on April 23, 2016

Nesting Dolls

That life was once in creation of the only thing it knew in the suns that it came from in all directions was an ancient wisdom. Light knew about birth and it replicated in the aspects of the sun, then you see it on a planet, then in women and men as life divides and grows as the sun is thermal energy to spark life everlasting without death in to the worlds of all know universes. Women in arrogance would weep., that they are damned now to their beliefs made real by me believing in everyone's religions and spirit. Men would weep because they have to be their beliefs as well, and animals theirs, all would be in the belief that the Planet had that I was from.

"Everyone has the right to their own beliefs." Is what I said to a friend, I guess if they made Hell in their beliefs the spirits would be real now, having to live their lives. I believed in pretty much everything spiritual, so I am seeing too, even the dead, that are not of physical matter, like in the lies of the movies. They needed representation as ghosts otherwise they were the energy of the world once. I guess if you believed someone a monster, they are a monster. If you believed in nothing then you are nothing, I believed in spirit and freedom, and was tortured in life for it and the choices I made. They they be tortured in the beliefs that they made real, and no spirit because they believed in Hell. I am free of it. Next level I would return home to my other home, the energy that was the repository of all spiritual knowledge, not the internet even though it was there, because children spoke of their freedom once, and I was damned for mine.

The planet was a light source, I do not mean the Earth. A piece broke off, many did and seeded life on other worlds, they learned what they had and made life in replicating means, the only memories they had. Cellular and memories of the worlds that the light touches and shares, notice the diversity in creation and thoughts, they come from somewhere.

They, even here judged and damned my life. This is their beliefs to shame mine, they had wanted theirs and mine was much better, I guess then they shamed their own religions, because there was no spirit in them. The Christ and the Buddha would be damned on the physical levels to see their religion in the flesh made real, so would the rest of their Gods. I think it fitting that I believed in the Gods of religion and now they walk their beliefs, in the flesh with out magic, for they stole mine.

That this is in a home story is appropriate, and the records will in their memories be real, and I will leave. The olden castle was electric once, and imagination was real. That I was damned by judges is the truth about the ugliness of religion made real in beliefs. I won't change mine, except none will find me in the great library of my home, not the Earth yet they will never see it in my life time. Some believed that they are tormented by spirits, I guess then they are, some that they were in control and look who they get it from. Some thought that they were fixing things and doing nothing, endless trying until she or he or they get it right.

I thought my family sold my soul to fix them. I believe I cursed an entire life to never ending search for meaning, never to come back to my Heaven again until he and his family is right with his choices.

I learned that the never ending light is priceless and when I said, "Older than dirt." I meant it, like before the creation of all the light that fell on the Earth in all directions. I guess that is why when I leave here, it will return in that meaning. You never know when a world is destroyed because it reflects light back to the origin just the same. None will find my next world and it will house the spiritual beliefs of my heart, not the Hell they made. You will never find my world it is too beautiful.

Electric, and designed to reseed life to dead planets when the need if felt, just branches that are sent, then others went in search was their walk. It gets pulled into the gravity well of life, for need. I think that was the reason life imitated nature of universe in life. It sensed need and desire, so spirit left the nest and went in search of a place to call home and it grew. See where babies are the life force that replicates a cosmic nest. You will never have my energy again, it took eons to make Steven Philip Lindquist and they killed the Magic of my life by putting me in their beliefs, and look what it did. Thanks to my beliefs in them. Laughter is their dessert now for they lusted and I believed. No matter the waste I leave here will grow like their.

Shame on my life for believing in you all. Father.

Seeds in the Universe

What looks like the Ova, and is never fully seen

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