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Unplugging Garbage Disposal

Updated on April 14, 2010
Garbage Disposal  Center Hole to unjam the blades
Garbage Disposal Center Hole to unjam the blades

Hello there! Before I start answer your question, I would like to say that I manage a plumbing and drain company and, I have been working for this business for almost 6 years now.

Have I said that, let me give you an advice concerning the usage of chemical to unplug a garbage disposal.

Avoid using chemicals at all costs, most chemicals will likely cause more harm than good but, if you really want to use something to attempt fixing the problem then, I would likely recommend you to use baking soda, vinegar and hotwater.

If this does not work, the best and safe way to unplug is:

1 - Use the disposal key that came with it and insert it in the center hole in the bottom of the disposal and turn it counter-clockwise or clockwise, either way, this will free up the blades if they are stuck.

2 - If the problem is beyond the disposal blades, meaning that, it is inside the piping under the sink, then, you will have to disassemble the piping system to clean them and to get rid of the clog.

For more information and guidelines on how to do that and how to fix any other plumbing and drain problem, please, visit my website.

 I hope this will help you,

Good luck

Joe N



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