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Fruit Themed Decor For Your Home

Updated on January 6, 2014

Time to Update Your Decor

Spring time and warmer weather are approaching. It is the perfect time to redecorate your kitchen and eating area. Begin with a fresh coat of your favorite paint and decorate with a new theme. Decorating with a fruit theme will add warmth and color along with many years of enjoyment to this important area in your home.

Choose a particular fruit or decorate with a variety of fruit. Apples, pineapples, cherries and grapes are popular decorative fruit. Yes even pineapples are popular themes for decorating. For color, add a variety of fruits for variation in shape and color. Choose bright colors or more subdued for a more formal decor. Fruit has been used as a decorating subject for many years. It is a timeless topic of interest and can sustain its appeal for long periods of time even as fashion trends come and go. One of my favorite centerpieces is a black metal bowl filled with apples!

To Begin

Decorate your eating area with a new tablecloth or new place mats. Add a themed napkin holder and salt and pepper set for decoration. Mix and match solid colors with your print theme to keep the table simple and elegant. Solid place mats with a printed table runner will be effective, or vice verse. Colorful salt and pepper shakers and napkin holders can add to your table theme.

Tableware Options

If you prefer solid table linens and it is time for new dishes, choose dishes with a fruit theme. Reasonably priced, these dishes will provide years of use and add a special touch to your table. These new dishes can be enjoyed for every meal.

Don't Forget The Walls

A framed picture or wall hanging with a fruit focus will carry your theme to the surrounding walls. Compliment your theme and wall color with artwork that appeals to your style. Mix your picture or wall art with other items such as shelves, plants, clocks and other decor for added interest.

More Areas to Decorate

A scatter rug on the floor can be a welcome relief to the feet and to the eye. It carries your theme to another level with comfort AND style.

If you prefer to place your canisters on the counter, choose a set with a fruit theme. These can be especially effective on dark counter tops where color is especially important. Your staples will be easy to reach.

Choose a cookie jar to complement your theme. The whole room will come alive with the vivid fruit colors of a colorful cookie jar. Fill it with homemade cookies and see how your family will love this special accent piece.

In Conclusion

Wipe your dishes dry with a fruit themed dishcloth. Greet your visitors with a Welcome mat that echoes your focus on fruit. Light a fruit candle and your visitors at the door will see a warm and welcoming home , bright and cheerful. Whatever the theme you choose, repeat it several times  to clearly communicate your message and theme. Enjoy some great decorating days and move forward with that planned project!

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  • pmccray profile image

    pmccray 7 years ago from Utah

    You know I'm a big fan of seasonal decor and never ever thought about fruit. What a great idea, voted up, marked useful and beautiful.