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An Update of the Aquaponics Garden Build @ Sowles Well Service Nov. 7th 2013

Updated on August 30, 2015
This is what she looked like  in my last Post
This is what she looked like in my last Post

Update of the Aquaponics Garden Build @ Sowles Well Service Nov. 7th 2013

Hello All! Just another Update of the Aquaponic Build. Well my last post here at Hubpages was June 21st 2013 well a lot has happened since then just not with the Garden.

As things started looking up for the Garden I planted eight trays of seeds and they began to grow as seeds do quite naturally.

But then we started having troubles with the Well Service equipment. First the Service Truck Blew an engine and that took serval days to get tore apart and a week to get put back together and we still had to go on service calls using the pick up with no cap and in the rain what a mess.

I don't live at the garden site were every thing is grown. So some times I'd get dropped off at home because I didn't have a legal license at the Time. The seedlings didn't get watered every day but the next day I'd water them and they catch back up well it doesn't rain every day any way right? Yea that's true plus there was water absorption pellets in the potting soil to help with this right? Yea that's true too. But these plants grew so fast because of the summer we had this year.

It was just right, the right temps, the right humidity, and the right everything.

So they grew fast so fast that they needed daily watering and they needed to be off the ground and away from pest to right? So I put them all out in the sun on the deck by the pool and they kept growing.

And then the motor in the Drilling Rig blew and this was several days of running around finding another Rig and the service work kept pouring in. Which don't get me wrong this was a good thing because the money was needed to buy a new rig or find a new truck . But this took time away from the garden and the time just flew by.

I 'd missed a day of watering once a week. Then twice in a week and I wasn't keeping an eye on the little guys as they were growing. And then one night some plant munching bugs moved in on me. And they ate half of what was left from all the plants I'd lost due to under watering.

Needless to say I ending up losing the hole lot and what I didn't completely die on me I threw out when the breaks went out on the Water Truck. I got so disgusted when the tank in the garden was gone from its dirt box to be use for carrying water to the sites to drill Wells. That I shut everything down than I threw the sad sack plants away. When they should of already been replanted into the earthen beds that were to surround the Green house.

By the time we caught back up from the mechanical trouble of switching the Newer Rig we just got to our old Pump Hoist Truck the radiator, the distributor, and a track off the mini excavator would also all need to be repaired and/ or replaced.

A bad year for equipment and as if that were not bad enough the County was on us to clean up the the lot because of all of the work we were doing at the time they decided to due their yearly inspection.

So there was no time was left for the garden build. July and August flew by September and October crept in and slid on by too. And somewhere in all the mess the mowers went down and the garden got over grown with weeds. And the work kept piling up and in on us.

But now everything is almost fixed and working properly. But of course work has slowed way down. Now there is no extra money to be spent on the garden. Oh yeah a Bob cat and a tractor were also purchased and they needed work as well as the Old Ditch Witch and a lot of stuff I can't remember.

Now it is November and I am still desperately seeking to learn to grow our own food with these new methods and with the Aquaponic Garden system. That and I have run out of money because of the pay cut I was given on my Birthday from the courts for back child support. They took from my Social Security another 60% leaving me $430.00 dollars a month to live on.

But just this last month of October I have finally got the bench warrant on me reversed and was given my Drivers License back thanks to a Pro Bona Lawyer. I still need to get my butt to the BMV and get It reinstated but this is a good thing, Right? I sure hope so. I am starting to get back to were I once belonged. You know I am feeling like I am shaping up a little.

But this Our Country is in the worst shape that It has even been in. At least the worst shape I have seen during my life time and I don't see things changing anytime soon for the better. And many others are feeling the same way. They are called Preppers and they too wish to survive the coming changes of this Our country and all of the other countries world wide now facing the New World Ordering.

I can't afford to build and under ground bunker for myself like some Preppers let alone my whole family. And I would not want to live like a rat stuffed into a hole in the ground. So I will become an asset to those who will be in charge. Soon after the dust settles and food is a great peace maker. I think it is the number one survival tool and skill that a person could have [to be able to grow ones own food].

To know these Aquaponic systems is to know how to produce large quantities of good healthy food. Up to four times the normal production of a regular soil garden. And know how to grow It any where and in any season on a smaller foot print. That's what I want to learn and to teach others to do to; grow food more abundantly in less space and in any climate during any season.

But how was I doing to do it now that I suffered a substantial loss of my Income?

So I was watching the boob tube one night and a show called Two Broke Girls was on.One of the girls the one called Caroline needed new pants and she didn't want just regular pants she wanted $2,000 dollar pants. And she heard of place On-line that funded peoples dreams and she went to a place called Kick Starter first and she was turned down. And then she got Funded at a placed called Fund me. She did so by telling the last backer that she needed to become fully funded; that they could slap her in her spoiled little face. Because she was asking for a two thousand dollar pair of pants.

Now that got me thinking. Hey are the such places on the Internet Like this? And why am I just now finding this out on the Boob Tube?

And low and Behold these places were real and I got turn down when I first applied to too. So I submitted an appeal and did some rearranging on my first project and then I got accepted. Yea me! I might not get the Project fully funded but at least I got the chance to be funded and that was a good thing.

My project naturally was to get the Aquaponics Garden and Learning Center off the ground and cycling. So I could grow healthy Organic foods for me and my family as well teach others how to do the same thing. A true survival skill learned from a sitcom. Of course there was a small catch! Your, and has to be a project! Must be fully funded by the end of 30 or 60 days which ever you have chosen. To receive the money. Its an all or nothing deal. Either you are fully funded or your not funded at all.

I'll place a link to my Project here and to my Meet Up Group and to my Blog so you can see where I am at with It and what I am trying to build and get started. I am not the best at building presentations but I will try new things. And I am not One who is afraid to fail. As long as I Know I will get the chance to try, try again. I am Okay with the occasional failure of the trying of the thing.

I know I will win in the end. I'll give it my best shot and if that doesn't prove to be good enough I'll try something else! Say a different Crowd source site or a different approach to reach my end goal of growing our own organic Foods.

I have started the Meet Up group and I did have five members plus myself but I don't know if I'll have any members after this month. As I put a membership fee on It of $29.95 to help fund the garden and its costs. And I have thought about doing at small fee at the Blogger Blog. Which is dedicated to this topic of Aquaponics and survival, but I haven't did so there yet and most likely I won't If I can avoid It.

I'll leave the links here so you can see what they are look like and maybe you'll check into building your own Aquaponics Garden and start your own Meetup Group in your part of the woods. Then together we can change the world one garden at a time.

I have Gotten my 1,200 gallon water tank back Its sitting on the trailer in fornt of the dirt box now. I also received a load of sand, some concrete blocks about 21 of them, and eight 2x2 concrete patio blocks for the Garden; as a thank you for the use of the tank.

Plus we now have four large flower boxes that will become our raised earthen grow beds.

Here are those Links:

Water, Plants, and Fish? and Aquaponics garden Build my Blogger Blog:

Our Project at Aquaponics Green house and Learning Center

This project will end December 8th 2013 and disappear for ever if not fully funded. If fully funded it will be at Kickstarter until another fully funded project takes Its place or they take it down from their Fully Funded Projects Page.

The Aquaponics MeetUp Group:

Living & Growing for Our Tomorrows Sustainable Healthy Foods

Foods Today Better or Worst than Forty Years Ago

Do you think our foods are as Healthy and Safe Today as They Were Forty Years Ago?

See results
These are the four large flower boxes that I mentioned. Nice aren't they?
These are the four large flower boxes that I mentioned. Nice aren't they?
Here they are all lined up where they will be this spring. i will try and build at least a dozen more the same size and height as You don't have to bend to work with these boxes.
Here they are all lined up where they will be this spring. i will try and build at least a dozen more the same size and height as You don't have to bend to work with these boxes.

Some of the Updated Stuff That We Have Gotten

Pretty Tanks All In A Row

Here you can see the patio blocks under our filtration system.
Here you can see the patio blocks under our filtration system.

The Dirt Box Refilled and Packed With Sand

The rains washed out a lot of dirt with out the tank atop of the box. So we needed to refill It and i did so with the sand I also put a weed barrier under the sand to help slow the wash outs.
The rains washed out a lot of dirt with out the tank atop of the box. So we needed to refill It and i did so with the sand I also put a weed barrier under the sand to help slow the wash outs.


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    • jtrader profile image


      4 years ago

      So far I've stuck to traditional gardening but I may try this at some point. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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