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Upgrading your kitchen?

Updated on June 13, 2017

Making upgrades throughout your home can be an expensive process, particularly if you've been thinking about a major renovation. The kitchen can end up being the most costly room in the whole house to renovate. If your budget is tight, however, then you could get the effect of a new kitchen by making smaller changes that don't require a complete refit. These smaller changes can make a difference that results in a new feel entirely.

A good place to start is by putting in tiles or a coloured splashback to transform the space, but which should you choose? Here, we've outlined why a glass splashback is a better choice for your upgrade.

Perfect colour match

If you're upgrading rather than refitting your kitchen, then finding the right tile to match your exact shade of kitchen can be a nightmare. You could end up spending ages going from store to store trying to find a similar tile colour, all of which ends up costing you precious time. With bespoke coloured glass splashbacks, however, there's no wasted time involved. They are simply colour matched to your requirements so you can get the exact shade you want, making them ideal if you're refreshing your kitchen.


Modern look

If you're trying to update the look of your kitchen, then tiles can make it appear a little dated. Too often tiles look fussy which can be a problem, particularly if you're going for a clean and chic feel. Tiles can often prevent you from futureproofing your kitchen too, simply because a lot of patterns and shapes that may currently be in style may start to look outdated within a relatively short space of time. With glass splashbacks, however, you'll be able to complement your newly modern kitchen. Alternatively, they're a great way to give a more traditional kitchen a contemporary element.

Glass Splashbacks

Better durability

On of the biggest victims of day-to-day life in a kitchen are the tiles. They can become chipped if they get knocked by an appliance and the grouting can quickly become stained if it's subjected to a splattering of food. Grouting can also wear away over time which will leave your kitchen looking a little grubby, even if the rest of the room is spotless. With toughened glass splashbacks, however, you can be sure that they will stand up to stains and heat, which means their aesthetic appeal will endure for years.

Printed Glass Splashbacks


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