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Use Picture Frame Molding To Create Wall Panels

Updated on February 13, 2010

Quick and Easy, But Beautiful

One of my favorite tricks for creating beautiful a beautiful wainscot look without too much time, effort, or expense, is to use simple moulding (molding) to create a paneled look!

Simple Picture Frames Do The Trick

he wall in this photo has some very simple trim work that has made it look dramatically better!

You can create a look like this by simply installing a chair rail molding at around 34" (measure to the top of your dining room chairs to make it work as intended). The space beneath the chair rail is painted solid white. You can install some simple plywood paneling, or you can just paint the drywall!

The panels are just simple molding, something like what would be used for a picture frame, cut on 45 degree angles to form a square and installed on the wall. It sounds simple because it is!

You can install the molding with a brad nail gun and air compressor, small hand-drive trim nails, or even a hot-glue gun (if your trim is small enough)!

You can see more chair rail pictures and read about chair rails and wainscot at

Tools Required:

  • Cutting the miters:  When working with small trim like this, you can use a hand miter box which is available for very low cost and is easy to use.  If you have more work to do, and have some basic skills with power tools, an electric miter saw would be much better.  A 10" compound miter saw does most jobs and can be found for a good price, but a smaller one would work for this.
  • Installing the trim: Hand nailing trim is possible, but it's hard to do.  Most of the time small parts get broken or damaged, and it's really a pain in the rear.  The best tool is an air compressor and a brad nailer.  This shoots tiny nails that don't require much work at all to fill the holes and make disappear.  You can also use small trim screws and a screw gun.
  • Sanding and Painting - normal hand tools does the job for this, and voila... all finished!

Time Required:

  • A beginner can do a room this size in a weekend!


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