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Decor for cozy winter living- carpets for winter

Updated on October 4, 2013

The seasonal changes, alteration in family schedules or even home décor changes, there are several reasons to have sufficient time for transforming the home interior and give a new look to furnishings. Why not cash on to the opportunity this fall for a better refreshing interior with very bold color combinations in vogue? This will not only help in revitalizing the décor but also bring coziness to the atmosphere.

Carpets for winter play a very important role in improving the overall atmosphere and assist in adding warmth. Exposed floors look great in summers but they are very uninviting during the winter season. Purchase area rugs to make your toes warmer. Patterned area rugs are also feasible for placing in the guest rooms; regular carpets can be customized by cutting and bounding the edges to make very cheap area rugs in any desired size.

Plush rugs are a source of warmth for any room no matter if you have carpets or wood flooring. You can place small carpets for winter under the living room tables, at the vanity base in the washroom or a large area rug in the master bedroom for making the room look very pleasing. Match the colors of winter carpets with the wall paints for attractive looks.

Tradition winter colors including bronze, vibrant golden and purple shades bring a lot of life to the home decoration, particularly when the temperatures are dropping and you have closed the house for winters. You can prefer brown and red combinations in carpets for creating cozy interior through the very long months of winter.

Add winter rugs in rich colors over the everyday rug. If the rug is square or rectangular in shape, add a small round or square rug. Make sure that you angle it appropriately for complementing your favorite chair or table. Ensure that both rugs are visible properly.

You can revitalize the home décor through a range of fabric colors. Toss pillow in contrasting shades on winter carpets or couch. Another method is to accent the windows with Venetian drapes. Another important method is the use of paintings as wall decoration. Incorporate new color combinations to make your home visually attractive for the incoming guests and make them appreciate your artistic skills.

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Home decor ideas

Do you sit nearby a window on your favorite chair? You must ensure that the windows are ready for insulation against the chills. Or you can move your chair near the winter carpet and place your feet on the carpet to feel really comfortable.

Attend the fireplace. Focus on this part with small attractive accessories including candles, decorative boxes and vases with silk flowers. Make the fire place an important focal point by placing a winter carpet right in front of it. Tossed with vibrantly colored pillows, a holiday winter carpet can make this cozy cornet perfect for the holiday season.

Winter rugs in bold geometric patterns make a strong statement. You must pick few main colors of the rugs whenever you select the candles, curtains, pillows etc.


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