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Use a Hanging Closet Storage Unit to Gain Extra Hanging Space for Clothes

Updated on June 16, 2011

Gain Extra Space with a Hanging Closet Storage System

It's an age old problem. How do you fit the ever growing number of clothes you own into a closet that stubbornly remains the same size. The top rail ends up so jammed with items it's hard to get things in and out, but at the same time there is space going to waste towards the bottom of the closet, below the hanging line of the clothes.

The answer to utilizing this extra space is a hanging closet storage unit which slots neatly into your closet giving you additional storage and hanging space for clothes where you need it most.

There are hanging shelves, shoe racks, shelf systems with hanging space underneath, those that hang in the main part of the closet and those that fit over the door such as purse racks and jewelry organizers. There are ones for adults, ones for kids and even ones specifically designed for babies closets.

With closet organizers available to suit every situation and need you'll soon be able to get your clothes back under control and you'll soon wonder what you ever did without one.

Rubbermaid MN700 Deluxe Hanging Storage Shelf by Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid MN700 Deluxe Hanging Storage Shelf by Rubbermaid

Hanging Closet Shelves for Adults

 Practicality is one of the main things you need from a hanging closet shelf.  

Spend some time thinking about what you will put on your shelf system - if you want to store thick items of clothing you'll want something with deeper shelves, summer clothes may be better in a system which has a greater number of shallower shelves.

How about a combination unit with some shelving and some shoe space?

Hanging Closet Shelves for Kids

 Kids have so much stuff in their closets that fitting it all in can seen like one of those logic problems for which there seems to be no possible answer, and of course being kids they want anything they have to be in line with their latest favourite toy ~ or at least color.

Of course you won't get any argument from them with these brightly coloured and themed kids closet organizers, in fact they'll love them so much tidying their rooms might even become a pleasure ~ you can live in hope.


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