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Get perfect soil by using horse manure as garden fertilizer

Updated on September 28, 2011

Give plants a super boost. Horse manure, sheep poo, cow pats - they all make FANTASTIC fertilizer for the garden.

Give plants and crops a much-needed boost with nature's natural fertiliser - MANURE. It has Farmers and gardeners have known for a long time that animal dung can boost their produce. Plants are bigger, stronger and greener and crops are richer and tastier.

The best part of using manure is that it's FREE and natural. No more dodgy chemicals that are so often found in the products bought from supermarkets and garden centres.

Just in case anybody DIDN'T know what horse droppings look like
Just in case anybody DIDN'T know what horse droppings look like

The best place to collect horse manure is at a local horse riding school or stables. Simpley contact the establishment's owner or manager and ask to take some from the muck heap. There's a constant supply of horse muck and most places will almost certainly be glad to get rid of it. Even suggest helping them out by picking it from the field.

Make sure there's plenty to scatter on a garden and carry the manure home bag, a sack or a bin. Drop it on to the floor and dig it into the soil. Use a fork or a spade to mix it in with the earth. It's easiest to do this on a bare vegetable patch. But if the fruit and veg are ready to be picked then scatter the poop around them.

Another very popular natural fertiliser is SHEEP poo. It's smellier than horse manure but just as effective. Like horse muck the sheep manure can be scattered straight onto the ground. However, one clever trick is to fill a sack and submerge it in a barrel of water for a few days. The nutrients seep from the sack into the water. This makes a nutritious drink for the plants. The final step is to fill a watering can with the fertilizing water and use it one the garden.

This is what your plants COULD look like with a touch of manure
This is what your plants COULD look like with a touch of manure

Other natural fertilizers that can be used on a garden include cow pats and pig muck. These may prove a little more difficult to get hold of than horse poo. Most farmers who own these animals will use the muck themselves on their fields. That's what the awful smell sometimes is in the countryside. The farmers spread the muck on their fields using a tractor. Sometimes they'll sell the muck on but they may be willing to let a local gardener take a barrow full away for free. Just stop by the farm and ask them. They'll be friendly enough.

Whatever natural fertiliser is used on the garden it will help to produce excellent plants and crops. It's organic, it's free and most of all it's good fun. Get your hands dirty and give it a try!


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