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Use of pressure washer

Updated on March 29, 2017

Getting rid of the mud and stains collected on exterior surfaces of machines or any other plane is one of the most difficult things!
Some do get eliminated by warm water or even light alcohol, how about the others? What about the tough stains that won’t agree to come off easily?

To the relief comes Pressure Washer Pump. An effective machinery pressurised at about 80 times to that of a garden hose, with an energetic intrusion, the water coming out scrubs the dirt present on the surface and even hiding in tiny cracks of the provided surface.

Measured in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) and Gallons per Minute (GPM), discloses the amount of water given as input as well as the water which comes out giving the power associated with it to clean the dirt.

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Using a Pressure Washer
Having hot water set at a steam temperature it exhibits dramatic and effective results.
Available in a number of variants, petrol, diesel and electric motors, it is fun to use. Operate the pump to pressurise the water dispatched to the pump at a level that it dissolves impurities. Lightweight and quiet in working, once raised to a suitable range provided by the user, water is thrown out with an immense force through the Spray nozzle. It has 3 types of output nozzles, each for different purposes - Narrow ones to break up toughest of the stains, Medium spray wand for day to day general cleaning purposes and lastly the Wide output nozzle for detergents. Electric washers being preferred over gas ones act as a great cleaning agent, they can remove just any type of dirt or grease.

Pressure Washer Pump Oil

Different kinds of pumps require a different type of oils. For example, 10W30 Synthetic for an Annovi Reverberi XJV pump however for Annovi Reverberi XMV or XRV or XTV the most suitable oil is 30W non-detergent. Each pump has a different oil capacity and has different time intervals to change the oil.

Maintaining the Pressure Washer

For long-term storage and regularly scheduled performance, the dirt and debris collected inside the machinery should be cleaned habitually.
The use of additive oils or detergents should be prohibited as a cleaner and an instructions manual is provided by every company.

Absolutely fun to use Pressure Washer Pump can easily be bought online from Amazon to eBay, at reasonable prices with a huge number of variants to choose from satisfying all its kind of users.


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