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Use these Off-Grid 12 Volt Table Lamps for everyday use and during power outages

Updated on April 11, 2012

They look like a regular lamp but they are also great during power outages.

What a neat idea to have an everyday table lamp plus having a reliable backup emergency light all in one. With these Amish handcrafted 12 Volt table lamps you don’t need a standby power system to have lights when the power goes off.

These Amish handcrafted table lamps hold a 12 volt sealed battery to power 12 Volt energy efficient Compact fluorescent (CFL) or a Light illuminating Diode light bulbs (LED)

Most battery operated lights sit around and never really get used, but when they are needed the battery is likely to be dead or no longer chargeable.

In order to keep rechargeable batteries active they need to be used to about 60% charge and then recharged. By just leaving a rechargeable battery sit idle in storage; it will eventually reach a point where it will no longer hold a charge.

Having one or more of these table lamps in place for routine evening use means the battery is exercised while the normal grid power is not needed as you read your paper or a favorite book. When the power does go off you still have a reliable backup light.

Depending on the Amp hour of the battery (18 AH or 22 AH), using a sealed 12 volt motorcycle battery and LED bulbs, these lights can be used for 34 to 40 hours before recharging. Divide that up over about 4 hours of use each night and these lights could provide lighting for extended 10 day power outage or as a main light source in remote cabins, RVs or off-gird living applications. Recharge the battery during the day with a solar panel and the amount of extended use could go for much longer periods.

The lamps use a multi position 12 volt sealed batteries so they can safely be left on their side without fear of battery acid being spilled out or coming in contact with people.

If you do have small children in the house child proofing the door is probably a good idea. The lamp base can be turned so the door is in the back, or the base could be wrapped with shrink wrap or some other non marring material to keep little hands out of the battery compartment. The door could also be equipped with the same plastic push down locks used on regular cabinet doors and drawers.

Batteries can also be recharged using a 1 Amp trickle charger when normal AC grid power is available. However the Amish not having grid power do rely heavily on the solar charge. Most do take the batteries in and out to charge. Some will have a backup battery and alternate between charges. Keep in mind these are people use use these lights totally off the grid 365 days a year.

12 volt bulbs can be found in camper and RV stores, and in some hardware and home center stores. Bulbs can be ordered with these lights as starters.

These lamps can also be hooked directly into a solar battery stored system supplying multiple outlets. If the lamp is to be placed on an exterior wall a solar panel charging wire could also be directly hooked into the back of the lamp.

Lamps are handcrafted from Oak or Wild Cherry. Prices range from $89 to $95 about the same or less than a regular electric table lamp.

Due to the weight they are not shipped with batteries, so you will need purchased the battery locally. Just be sure to look for the multi position sealed batteries and not the old lead acid batteries that are still being sold for motorcycles and ATVs.

A Lamp shade also does not come with lamp so that you can purchase standard lamp shades to fit your own personal taste or specific décor locally.

Most use a 5W or 10W LED bulb in these lamps. For a good reading lamp the 10W LED provides ample light. You can use 12 volt compact fluorescent (CFL) 24W bulbs as well. These bulbs will use more battery time than the LED, but currently are cheaper to purchase. LED bulbs are expected to drop dramatically in price as more are manufactured to take the place of the phase out of incandescent bulbs.

You can order these unique off-grid lamps at Cottage Craft Works. Com Cottage Craft Works is also a unique back-to-basics online store just full of neat and old time solutions for even modern times.


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