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Uses and Benefits of Worm Castings

Updated on April 10, 2015

What are Worm Castings?

Odorless Worm Castings are organic waste that becomes a natural fertilizer. It helps stimulate a plant’s growth, as well as replenish the quality of damaged soil. Composting worms also secrete contents that contain minerals (important for growing plants) such as nitrate, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and calcium, which can be absorbed by the plants right away (unlike other fertilizers).

How Worm Castings are formed

Worm humus is usually cultivated from large bins or wooden boxes. These containers are stored (typically in a greenhouse) inside a room that has a low light setting and with damp warm air. These containers are also filled with different things such as vegetable and fruit scraps, animal manure, and other natural products. Worms are then placed inside these containers to start doing their ‘work’. They then eat their way through these foodstuffs until they’ve digested what they’ve eaten.

So basically, when the worms have broken down what they’ve consumed, they then secrete what we now call Worm Castings. And since these worms can also leave out their eggs after a harvest, you can also opt in growing them until you can put these red worms for sale. And yes, you can definitely sell your red wiggler worms to other worm enthusiasts too.

Things you can use your Worm Castings for

You can choose to use worm castings from Red Wigglers, as they are popularly used for vermicomposting. You can use these castings for many things. You can use it as an added component when potting your soil for your house plants; and can also be used as a planting preservative (can be used for trees, vegetables, and other plants). These can be used for gardening and farming as well. And since all its nutrients are water-soluble, it instantly provides food for the plants.

Other Beneficial uses of Worm Castings

You can benefit a lot from using worm castings, as this has been considered as one of nature’s wonder products. First of all, worm humus will never burn your plants, even if it’s the most fragile one.

Aside from this fact, castings from worms can also help in improving a plant’s growth, as well as boost plant yield. And since worm humus helps stimulate growth in plants, it also makes its immune system stronger. It also gives a good defense against plant diseases. Castings from worms also help in developing the look and quality of damaged soil. Not only that, castings from worms can help increase the soil’s water retention too. And that’s how beneficial Worm Casting can be for your plants and soil.


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