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Using Attic Dek to Increase the Usability of your Attic and Add Storage Space to your Home.

Updated on September 25, 2009
An Attic Dek Platform
An Attic Dek Platform

Do You Need Extra Storage Space?

If you’ve got an unfinished attic, there are a few different ways to go about adding some basic flooring. First, you can buy some large pieces of plywood to screw down and create a temporary floor. This is a solution, however it isn’t extremely easy.

Here are the Steps to do this:

  1. Calculate how many pieces you’d need for your space
  2. Get large 4x8’ pieces home from the store
  3. Measure your joists and cut the boards accordingly so you don’t have boards ending up where there is no joist.
  4. Carry boards up to your attic
  5. Screw them down into joists

While this is a solution, it’s not very easy.  First, you would need a vehicle suitable to carry large boards.  Second, you’d need a circular saw.  Third, you’d need friends to help you get these boards up your attic steps, which is very unsafe if you have pull down attic stairs.  Lastly, if you ever need to access any wiring or plumbing in your attic, you will likely have to pull up many of these panels, because they are not see through.

Another solution would be to just buy some wide planks, such as 2x6’s, and just lay them about around your floor, creating pathways for you to walk and stack things on.  This is also a decent tactic, but it still requires a lot of care to walk around on. If you loose your footing just once, you can put your foot through the ceiling of the room below, which is not only very dangerous, but an expensive fix.

Attic Dek installed over loose fill insulation
Attic Dek installed over loose fill insulation

Enter Attic Dek, the Best Attic Storage Solution

Attic Dek is a series of square panels that are made out of heavy duty recycled plastic.  They are designed in sizes that exactly fit in between the attic floor joists of most homes.  They solve all of the problems of the other methods of creating a solid platform easily. They are extremely easy to install, even with just one person and very basic tools.

Advantages of Attic Dek Over Other Methods:

  1. The Panels are small, lightweight, and easily moved in smaller cars
  2. They can be carried by one person, and are much easier to get up foldable stairs into attics.
  3. They can be installed by one person with minimal tools
  4. The Panels are a “grate” style, which makes them easy to see through, so you only have to remove the ones you need when you require access to electrical, plumbing, etc.
  5. No Cutting or measuring required
  6. Covers the whole space between joists, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your balance and stepping between joists.

Installing Attic Dek
Installing Attic Dek

Instalation is a Snap!

First, measure the distance between your joists to determine what size panels you will need. Then calculate how many panels you will need for your installation.  You don’t have to do the whole floor, just as much as you need.  After obtaining the panels, get them up to your attic, position them as you’d like them, and screw them in.  You’ll notice that the positioning is very easy, as they are designed to interlock around each other.  I would suggest against nailing them as this will make them harder to remove if you ever need access to them, or would like to take them with you when you move.  That’s it!  Now you have tons of safe attic storage that is easy to get to.

Drilling Down Attic Dek
Drilling Down Attic Dek


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