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Using Curtain Rails to Create Room Dividers

Updated on September 25, 2010

There is a world of possibilities when it comes to hanging up a set of window treatments, but many people forget that these basic accessories can be used throughout the home as well. Curtain rails open up a new realm of opportunity when decorating the home, especially when working with small spaces or a busy household. These innovative accessories can be hung from the ceiling or the wall and are used to create separations in rooms or public places, such as hospitals, day care centers and schools. Once they are installed, you can simply hang up a set of curtains or blinds and have the room you always dreamed of!

Since the rails can be mounted to the ceiling, it is easy to pull the draperies closed or open by hand, depending on what you are using them for. While these hand operated rails are commonly seen in hospitals, many people are adding them to their homes to create designated spaces for playrooms, art rooms or a quiet home office. Even better, you can adopt a policy where keeping the draperies closed indicates that the room is off-limits, an easy way to communicate with small children. Besides using curtain rails for room dividers, you can also choose to encircle your bed, allowing for privacy and noise reduction. They are also great when used over a tub shower, especially when you are in search of an unusually shaped shower curtain.

Fortunately, these supports are easy to work with. Most are made from an aluminum material, so they are strong, yet easy to manipulate. With the proper tools, such as a miter box and saw, you can cut down the rods to fit whatever application you are using them for. Many can also be bent to fit a different shape, such as a rounded or circular design. To help make installation smooth, look for sets that come with connectors, which allow you to connect the bars together for added length. Also opt for a quality set of ball bearing carriers that come with the set, as these will carry the drapes, blinds or shower curtains in an easy, swift motion. No matter which you choose, installation is always the key to making them function smoothly and most require only basic tools to complete the job.

It is not just the ease of installation, effortless maintenance or versatility that makes these ceiling curtain rails a popular seller for many homeowners. There are different varieties to choose from that offer plenty of opportunities. For example, triple curtain rails have multiple track designs that allow you to hang more than one type of drapery or blinds. With these, you can achieve a layered look or combine two different types of window treatments. With all the potentials for decorating, using these window drape poles can be the perfect way to add a unique separation throughout the home.


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