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Using Natural Energy To Save Money And Resources

Updated on June 25, 2017
Saving our our money and our resources is important to all of us.
Saving our our money and our resources is important to all of us. | Source

Before I Begin

I would like to point out that many of us are already doing some of the things listed here, we just didn't know we were saving the earth's natural resources at the same time. There are many things out there that create energy, including you. So read on and learn how to turn the things you do every day into energy you can use to save money and resources.

Save resources and money.
Save resources and money. | Source

A Brief Outline

  1. Before I begin--an brief explanation of what the article is about.
  2. One: The Sun--How the sun helps us to save.
  3. Did You Know
  4. Two: Fire--Fire can be an enemy, but it can also be a friend.
  5. Be Careful With Fire

When you need to save on money etc., life can be rough. Take a moment to use what you have and you will be surprised at how much you can save.

One--The Sun

Yes the sun is bright. It rises everyday and sets every night. But you can get a lot of energy assistance from the sun without much effort.

  • The sun is a great source of heat, but a little can go too far sometimes. In the summer, the heat of the sun adds heat to you, your home and your car among other things. To keep out the sun’s heat, use heavy blinds and/or curtains. When the sun is shining in, block it with the blinds. This will make your home darker, but it will also make it cooler; a kind of shade without the tree. Putting up window shades in the car can reduce the heat level significantly because the sun is reflected.
  • The sun is a great source of heat in the winter. Winter heating costs have skyrocketed in recent years making it harder and harder to keep up. One way to keep costs down is to use the sun. When the sun shines into your windows, it heats the area where it is shinning. Let the sun in during the winter to keep heating costs down. Open up window blinds and curtains during the day.

The Sun is energy.
The Sun is energy. | Source
  • The sun is a great light source. Open up your curtains and blinds when the sun is shining if you want to save on your electric bill. This will provide light that is brighter than most light bulbs and is free. If you are worried about added heat in the house during the summer, try using frost on the windows so that light comes in but the heat does not. There are many ways to frost a window, go on the internet for ideas.
  • The sun is a great source of vitamin D. We have all heard the warnings of too much sun causing cancer, and that is correct; but did you know it also provides the body with a large source of vitamin D? We can’t sit in the sun for hours anymore, or at least we shouldn't, but you can sit there for a short time. You can also sit in a sunny window for a boost.

The sun rises and sets every day, at least in most places.
The sun rises and sets every day, at least in most places. | Source

Did You Know

Did you know that rain and wind can also be harnessed to save money?

Be Careful With Fire

  • Check with the local Fire Marshal for codes for burning in a residential area.
  • Make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy because fire is hungry and might start burning things you really don't want burned.

Two: Fire

  • Fire gives off heat. Use a fire to help warm your space in the winter. A fireplace not only looks pretty, it can heat up any space. By using fire, you can heat a specific space rather than the whole house. If you want to heat a room that has a fireplace, it would be cheaper than your regular heating source. Close the other rooms off (if the room doesn’t have a door, a blanket does the trick) and turn down your thermostat so the furnace doesn’t keep trying to warm the other rooms. The flames are bright enough to read by in some cases.
  • The flame of a candle can be a light source. This is a viable substitute especially when you are romantic, watching TV or just sitting with friends. By using the candles, you are saving a great deal of money on your electric bill. Candles are cheap and burn for a long time. Candles were the only source of light for our ancestors so why shouldn’t we use them again.
  • Fire can burn things you don’t want anyone else to see like social security numbers on paperwork. It isn’t necessary to shred paperwork if you can burn it instead. Burning the papers means no one can put it back together and learn the information. Be careful though, not all fireplaces and fire pits can safely burn paper.

Candles can light the way.
Candles can light the way. | Source


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