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Using Technology to Sell Real Estate

Updated on October 22, 2011

Selling Real Estate with Technology

According to a survey conducted by Nielsen, people of USA spend as many as 53.5 million minutes on the Facebook. National Association of REALTORS found that 74% of homebuyers used the internet for home search. Thus, to excel in the real estate market, realtors are left with no other option than to be tech savvy. The old methods of business will surely not provide desirable results. Some popular technologies that realtors are using to sell real estate are as follows:

Virtual staging- If the house is vacant, it is often difficult for the prospective buyer to visualize himself in that space. With the help of virtual staging technology, you can easily add furniture and adornments in an empty room and make it more lively. As compared to physical staging, virtual staging is easier and less costly too. You have to spend no more than $200 to $500 to get a vacant home staged. Another significant benefit of virtual staging is that you can easily change the décor to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your listings.

Facebook- Yet another effective technology that allows you to make your real estate business profitable in ‘real’ time. You cannot only link your website and RSS feeds with facebook, but you can communicate with your potential buyers on one-to-one basis. You can update your listings frequently and post related photographs and videos. You can create unique groups to dispel doubts, apprehensions and predicaments of first-time homebuyers as well as seasoned property investors. Through the events application, you can easily spread the word about real estate auctions that you are intending to organize. Additionally, with the help of Facebook, you can also expand your business venture swiftly. All you need to do is to join a few relevant communities and groups, and actively participate in them to acquire knowledge and attract customer-attention. Facebook allows you to market your real estate business without worrying about geographical boundaries and time zones. Thus, even if you live in China, you have complete access of Utah real estate market.

Mobile technology- In recent years, mobile technology has undergone dramatic evolution. Your handset is no longer a stale phone that allows you to play games as well. It has transformed into an intelligent appliance, where you can browse the internet, scan documents, send and receive emails, chat with friends on social networking sites, view movies, and of course, play games. At iTunes and Amazon, you get innumerable mobile applications that can help you to sell properties with ease. Big realtors like Sotheby and Corcoran have developed their own downloadable applications in a bid to help their customers to buy homes without much difficulty. As per the needs of your prospective customers, you can also design mobile applications and use them to market your business effectively. Request your prospects to provide you a feedback. Their valuable opinion will help you in two ways, firstly, as per their observations, you can make user-friendly improvements in the software, and secondly, you can ascertain what kind of properties your customers are looking for. For instance, if your mobile applications indicate that the people of Colorado are more likely to invest in Utah real estate, then to increase your sales, you just have to increase the listings targeted to Colorado and Utah. A mind-blogging way to using technology to sell real estate!


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    • Agent Solutions profile image

      Mike 3 years ago from USA

      This Technology is working well to sell real estate so using lots of marketers same today!