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Vacuum Cleaner Bags and Accessories

Updated on July 16, 2009

Vacuum cleaner bags are a necessity for an efficient and effective running vacuum as it safely retains and collects all dust and dirt particles in the process of cleaning a floor. Once a bag is brim full of dust and dirt it will soon stop the smooth running of the appliance and come to a shuddering halt - it’s at this time that the old bag needs to be removed and replaced with new.

Providing the dust bag is removed in the appropriate manner, it does avoid all contact with the debris. This can't always be said with the bag less models as the dust can become airborne in times of emptying.

Vacuum cleaners with cleaner bags are still popular models today and appear in both canister and upright model. Although a cleaner using dust bags can at times be a hassle, but there are still numerous plus point to using this design of cleaner. Dust bags are either meant to fit a particular make or model or cleaner or will in the way of universal and suit a wide spectrum of cleaning models.

Shopping for Vacuum Cleaner Dustbags

Kirby, Eureka, Electrolux, Miele, Hoover, and Dirt Devil all manufacture a series of bags to retain household dust mites, pollens, and other dirt to work with canister, lightweight, and upright cleaners. If a dealership isn't in the local area it’s often more beneficial to search online to track down the ideal bags. 

The Kirby Company manufactures a complete line-up of cleaning products, vacuum bags, and replacement parts. The Kirby vacuum cleaner bags include the Twist-style and F-style Micron Magic filtration bags in packs of 2 to 6 with a choice of economical disposable bags to standard filtration bags or those able to capture 99.97% of all particles.

Miele manufactures a series of high-quality domestic appliances including vacuum cleaners, ovens, washing machines, and refrigerators. The Miele vacuum cleaner bags include a complete series of dust bags to suit all vacuum models, from upright, compact, and cylinder cleaners, in packs of four or five.

Vacuum Cleaner Parts and Accessories

In addition to dustbags, a complete collect of vacuum cleaner parts can be acquire to complete a cleaner - often consisting of power brushes, batteries, filters, main floor heads, to brushes, belts, cleaning sets and of course the dust bags. Extra fittings can also be acquired should you wish to attach additional nozzles, brushes, or micro hoses to assist with cleaning a vehicle, recreational camper, or watercraft. Parts are either suitable for a particular brand or universal.


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