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Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Updated on August 31, 2009

Unfortunately, most everyone has experienced the frustration of cleaning your carpets and the vacuum cleaner stops running or it streaks a black line across your carpets. Usually you can tell something is wrong due to the higher pitched humming of the vacuum cleaner motor.

How do you know which part to fix, though, and how do you go about replacing the vacuum cleaners parts? That is the focus of this hub is to describe the different parts of the vacuum cleaner, what they do, and how to tell which part to fix.

While each vacuum cleaner manufacturer has different sized parts for their brand compared to other brands and even for different models within their own brand, for the most part, the actual working mechanism parts are essentially the same.

Most vacuum cleaners have a bag section to collect the dirt, whether that be a water unit such as in a rainbow vacuum, or a bag section such as with some Hoover or Dirt Devil upright vacuum cleaners.

Remember to unplug the vacuum cleaner from it's power source if it's not battery driven, so as not to cause yourself injury.  You can cause serious injury to your hands/arms if you do not take this step.  If it is battery driven, remove the batteries. 

Vacuum Cleaner Bags

This is mostly for older upright models.  They tend to work as a filter.  If you don't change them regularly, you can ruin the motor.  Also, for those of us who remember growing up with the older models, you know that when the bags get too full, the dust actually starts coming out of the bag.  You can see the dust coming out of the vacuum cleaner while you are cleaning your carpets. 

Every model such as Kirby or Hoover uses different type bags so make sure you get the correct bags for the correct vacuum.  The improper size bag is not going to work well. 

Vacuum Cleaner Belts

One of the biggest signs that you need to replace or fix your belt is if you notice the motor humming more loudly than normal.  If you hear this, stop the vacuum cleaner right away.  I know this sounds like common sense, but some people simply do not pay attention and ruin their carpeting and their vacuum cleaner by continuing to run it when they need to turn it off. There is a good chance in this case that the belt is broken and you will need to replace it.  You should buy spares so you can replace them without having to take the dreaded trip to the grocery store or wait for one to appear in the mail if you have to order it online. 

Another sign is if you notice a black mark starting to show up on your carpets as you are vacuuming them.  Definitely stop right away.  You will probably need to replace the belt or see if something is stuck.  Sometimes that will cause the belt to leave marks on the rug. 

HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Parts

HEPA Vacuums are big nowadays to help control allergens within the home.  These filters are particularly important to keep your air quality clean.  Each Hepa vacuum cleaner is different, and as these filters are specialized filters, make sure to read the manufacturer's instructions to determine whether or not you can clean the filter or if you need to replace it.  The manufacturer's vacuum manual should give you the product code number so you can order a new one. 

Vacuum Cleaner Filters

Cleaning your filters is essential for periodic general maintenance on your vacuum cleaner. This helps keep clean air going to your motor. If you continually have dirty filters you can drastically reduce the longevity of carpet cleaning machines.

Care must be used when cleaning your filters because you do not want to blow all the dust, dirt, and debris that can cause potential respiratory problems.  Remember, much of the dust in the filter contains dust mites and these can cause reactions in some people.  Not to mention illness. 

Depending on the type of filter, you can use a computer air pressurized cleaner to help clean out the dust.  Just remember to use it in a well ventilated place and in a big enough trash receptacle to catch most of the dust.  Try to get as much as you can off with your filter using protective gloves prior to using the air can.  That will help to reduce flying dust particles. 

Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Pads

If you use a Roomba you will need to replace the cleaning pads. A Roomba vacuum cleaner is one of those computerized robot carpet cleaners.  It is pretty good at cleaning hard floors.  You will probably have to buy the cleaning pads online.  The video can lead you to buying one.  I am not an affiliate of the video company. 

Vacuum Cleaner Roller Bars

Every vacuum cleaner uses different type roller brush bars.  These can crack over time or if you use the wrong type belt.  Usually, they are connected to the belt so that the roller brush will move fast enough to pick up the dirt in the carpet. 

As with all these parts, make sure you use the correct product number when ordering and unplug when replacing the part or checking it for cracks or busted pieces. 

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