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Vacuum Cleaners: How to Choose the Right One

Updated on September 21, 2013

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaners are an Essential Tool

A vacuum is an important part of your household cleaning equipment. If you have carpets in your house it is really not optional, a vacuum is the only way to clean them. Regularly cleaning your carpets will greatly reduce the amount of dust in your house which is an important factor in preventing irritations and allergies. choosing the right vacuum cleaner to meet your needs is not all that difficult if you know what to look for.

There are Two Types of Vacuums to Consider

There are broadly speaking two choices when it comes to vacuums, an upright or a canister. The upright tends to be easier to use when you are vacuuming the floor but it really can't be used for any other purpose. A canister on the other hand can be a bit of pain to have to haul around while you vacuum the floor. However it is much more convenient for things like stairs. When it comes to vacuuming upholstery or drapes then a canister is really your only option. Canister vacuums will come with various attachments for this, you should look at which attachments are included. Before you buy a vacuum you will want to think about what you intend to use it for.

Get the Right Vacuum for your Floors

The next thing that you have to look at when you are choosing a vacuum cleaner is the types of floors that you intend to clean with it. Some vacuums are designed to work only on carpet while others can be used on a variety of different surfaces. In general if your house is predominantly carpeted you will want to go with a vacuum that is designed for carpets since it will work better. However if you have hardwood floors in some rooms, tiles in others and carpets in still more you will probably want a vacuum that can handle this.

The Right Size will Make your Life Easy

The first thing that you are going to want to look at when you are choosing a vacuum is the size of your house. Vacuums come in a variety of different sizes so you will want to make sure that you choose the one that is the right size to meet your needs. If you live in a house that has fairly large rooms then a larger vacuum will be ideal since it will cover large areas quickly. However in an apartment it can be hard to maneuver a large vacuum in the confined space. In addition a large vacuum may be difficult to store in small apartments.

Think About how Dirty your House Gets

It is important when you are deciding on a vacuum that you be honest with yourself about how dirty your floors are, this will go a long way to determining how much power you need your vacuum to have. If you have kids and pets you are going to need a lot more power than you would if you lived alone. In general the more power you need the larger and the more expensive the vacuum will be. That being said trying to clean a floor with an underpowered vacuum is not easy so it is worth the extra expense to get a vacuum that will do the job.

Dust is an Issue with Vacuum Cleaners

Another consideration that you are going to have to make is what kind of collection system you want. You have the option of a vacuum that uses bags or one that doesn't. In terms of performance it makes no real difference which you choose. If you go with a vacuum that uses bags you will have to buy replacement bags, however if you go with a bagless system you will have to clean the vacuum when it gets full. The choice is yours whether you want to pay for bags or deal with cleaning the vacuum.

Another feature that you are going to want to look at when you are buying a vacuum is whether or not it comes with a HEPA filter, this can significantly reduce the amount of dust that is produced while you are vacuuming. Having a filter will increase the cost of the vacuum but if you have allergies you will really appreciate having one. For people without allergies a filter is optional so you will have to decide if the irritation of the dust when vacuuming is worth the cost.

The last thing that you are going to want to consider is the cost, vacuums can be had for less than fifty dollars and they can run into the several hundred. In general you do get what you pay for and a more expensive vacuum will make your cleaning much easier and faster. If you are going to get an expensive vacuum it is a good idea to pay attention to what kind of warranty is being offered, just to be safe.


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