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Dyson Vacuum Cleaners: How To Find and Purchase The Best Vacuum Cleaner!

Updated on May 30, 2013

Picture of a Model of The Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaners.

All credit for this image goes directly to "Everyday life today" via.
All credit for this image goes directly to "Everyday life today" via. | Source

The Perfect Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home.

When looking into purchasing from the wide variety of choice available for vacuum cleaners, it is essential that you know which kind of vacuum cleaner you need for your home, and if it is within your preferable price range.

Whilst most people will be immediately mesmerized on buying one of the new and flashy models of such vacuum cleaners as the "Dyson Ball", it should be known that despite the appeal, you might not need to spend an absolute fortune and be able get the same results!

This comes from both knowing exactly what your limitations in terms of budget are, as well as your more 'specific' purposes for using a vacuum cleaner.

This Hub will go over...

  • Your Budget.
  • Your Pets.
  • Rooms which need specific needs.
  • Storage space for the vacuum.

Whilst all my recommendations are based on all these aspects, you should note that these are all personal recommendations, which in no way means they are the absolute best choice for you! Although, they are all high quality and highly effective for use in terms of pricing and usage.

Remember Your Budget!

Your budget is an important factor whenever you are looking into buying any product or consumer good; due to the fact it can often leave you in a strong position, when you spend wisely based around how much money you can realistically afford to invest.

However, if you are uncertain of how much you should be willing to spend on a vacuum cleaner, my personal advice is never to go for any product over $400, as in most cases it won't be worth the extravagant price.

Or, if you have reason to believe it is worth the extra money, my second piece of advice would be to read reviews from previous buyers, and then evaluate based on their views, whether it would be the right choice for you.

Pets With Fur and Long Hair.

Another important aspect to contemplate when purchasing your vacuum cleaner, is to consider that if you do have pets or other animals which patrol your household, you need to make sure that your vacuum cleaner will be able to suck up all the leftovers from your "furry friends".

To make sure that the vacuum that you choose is capable of sucking up your pet's hair without causing a blockage, you should look out for any of the accessories and modifications made to the vacuum to suit this particular need.

Although, whilst most vacuum cleaners do come with an attachment nozzle specifically designed for pet hair, it's better to be sure that your vacuum both has the necessary power required to suck up the hair as well as the extension or a suitable modification.

Rooms with Separate Compartments and Tight Areas.

For those of you who have rooms which have tight corners or even separate compartments, it is important that you know that you are going to experience trouble getting into those tougher spots with the 'standard vacuums'.

However, the genius behind the Dyson Ball vacuums makes it possible to get into these areas with ease, and grants the ability to manoeuvre around the room more efficiently.

The Dyson Ball series also comes with a range of tools and extensions, which you can apply to the nozzle of the vacuum, to be able to reach into the higher parts of the room, as well as the tightest of gaps imaginable... without losing suction!

Storage Space Required for The Typical Vacuum Cleaner.

Some households are already fully packed with junk and objects which don't allow the excess space required to store a vacuum cleaner. But, another brilliant design feature of the Dyson Ball series is that it doesn't take up too much storage space, and has a bearable weight so that you can easily lift it up and down stairs as needed.

Despite this, if it is avoidable to keep transferring the vacuum up and down stairs all the time, it is highly recommended that you do so; otherwise the chances of the vacuum becoming damaged increases significantly!

A Great Review on the Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner.

Final Notes...

There is plenty of choice when it comes to choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your home. However, for me and many other families the Dyson Ball series of vacuum have been a life saver in terms of efficiency and quality.

Below is a list of all the Dyson Ball vacuums which I'd recommended, and in particular I believe that the DC24 is one of the best vacuum cleaners available.


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