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Vacuum Maintenance

Updated on January 29, 2012

Vacuum Maintenance

Vacuum Maintenance-Basic

Check filter bags regularly.

-Vacuum bags should be replaced when it is about 75% full. Do not use it until it is 100% full. It is not effective in vacuuming. Dust will actually spill out on the floor instead of going into the bag.

-Worn out or punctured bag should be replaced.

Check belts once a month.

-Most vacuum belts do not last for a long time. So, check you vacuum belt frequently to see if there is any wear and tear.

-You should have extra belts on hand, especially if you are a cleaning contractor.

Check the brushes to see if hair, etc. is caught in the brush rollers- these should be removed as needed.

Check the electrical cord to see if it is worn out. Worn out cords are dangerous.

Check all filters (such as HEPA filters, exhaust filters,etc) if they need to be replaced.

Tighten loose screws. Replace worn out parts.

If you take care and do preventative maintenance on your vacuums and other cleaning equipment, it will save lots of headaches and heartaches.

If you have a large cleaning crew, they have to be trained to take care of the equipment for themselves, unless you are going to do maintenance all by yourself.

So make sure that you have a maintenance schedule for all of your cleaning equipment, especially your valuable vacuums.

Note: Vacuum maintenance includes all other types of vacuums. Upright vacuums, Backpack vacuums, Push vacuums, etc.

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