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Vacuuming Benefits

Updated on September 14, 2009

If you are like many of us you have a vacuum sitting in your closest for the purpose of vacuuming your carpet. I know that we have many different types of vacuums inside of my home which is kind of funny because I only use two of them on a regular basis and one of them I only use once a month and that is to clean my carpet. However, I know that vacuuming my carpet and even my hardwood floors on a regular basis has many benefits. I know that many people probably know about these benefits, but here are the benefits that I have found of vacuuming frequently.

The first benefit of vacuuming on a regular basis is that it has a great effect on how my allergies and my sons allergies are acting. I know that my son has really bad allergies to dust much like myself and if I miss vacuuming on any day he will start to sneeze really bad. However, when I vacuum at least every other day to once a day his allergies do not bug him as bad and he is able to function normally without even batting an eye about the floor being dirty because that is where he plays at most of the time.

The second benefit of vacuuming on a regular basis is that when I go to clean my carpet it doesn't take me as long to clean the carpet and the water is not as dirty as what it is when I do not vacuum for a couple of days prior to cleaning the carpet. Now I know you are probably saying that you can just easily vacuum just prior to cleaning the carpet and I have tried that, but it doesn't come as clean and I have to change out my carpet cleaners water multiple times because it gets dirty really quick.

The third benefit of vacuuming on a frequent basis is that you are able to keep your carpet more lively for a longer period of time. I know that for me this is very important because of the pets, and kids it means that my carpet will normally get a regular abuse on an almost daily basis so vacuuming it frequently helps pull the carpet back up and keeps a lot of the dirt out of the carpet before it gets ground down deep into the carpet.

While many people have vacuums in the closest they might not realize how important vacuuming on a regular basis is. I know that for many of us we do not have as many reasons to vacuum on such a frequent basis, but as you can tell I definitely have to vacuum on a frequent basis. I know that before I started vacuuming on a frequent basis I did not realize these benefits existed, but after I started vacuuming on a frequent basis I found these benefits and now know that I will not stop vacuuming on a regular basis.

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      Grand Rapids carpet cleaning  7 years ago

      Vacuums have become part of our lives. In doing household chores, vacuums made carpet cleaning easier. For those who always have busy schedules, cleaning carpets or even pillows are easier with a vacuum, or they may ask the help of a professional cleaner to do that job.