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Valances Add Beauty and Light to Rooms

Updated on January 20, 2011

Without some sort of dressing, windows can look bare and unattractive. Valances for windows are a light and airy way to dress up a window without losing the view. Blinds are an option, because they can be pulled out of sight during the day. Yet, plain blinds tend to seem stark and sometimes lend a somewhat clinical feel to a room.

Adding ready made curtains or drapes may look attractive, but usually are hung in a fashion that will cut off part of the natural light that can enter the room. Natural light is the best kind of light for any room, but most treatments will block or obscure a view. Exploring window valance ideas offers a pleasant alternative to heavy drapes and curtains. These toppers can be combined with all sorts of other coverings. Shades, blinds, fabric panels, vertical slats, and even tinted panes will all be enhanced by the addition of a pretty decoration above.

Recently, scarves have become an inspiration in window treatments. Scarf valances are among the most popular new items over the last few years. Because they drape almost effortlessly and are so versatile, they fit with both contemporary and classic themes. The draping fabric is almost always in the same basic cut. The shape is usually that of a very long rectangle or banner. The cut is squared off and straight. It is the technique of draping that creates the wide range of effects. Tucking and twisting are the keys to making a very professional and finished look. Different fabrics respond differently, so take plenty of time to observe how varying fabrics tend to fold and fall.

There are a few simple tips that will help to create a good effect. Be sure that the length of fabric is at least three times the width of the sill. Fabrics that are too short will not provide the swoops and swirls that are necessary. Choose matching hooks and hardware carefully. Even a small detail can make a big difference. Remember that certain hooks will work better than rods for specific effects. When in doubt, get advice and compare several products. Combine colors to contrast or coordinate with the room itself.

A great asset to these techniques is that very few of the panes of glass are actually covered. They simply appear to be. The ends and scallops rarely interfere with the view of the outdoors. This works especially well in picturesque locations. A high-rise penthouse that overlooks the city is the perfect place for an upscale design. A country setting with wide-open spaces beyond will lend itself to a sweeter, classic style. Valances for windows accent and add interest to a home's decor while leaving the room bright and full of light.


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