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Valet Chairs - Wardrobe Chair Valet With Storage Seat and Mens Suit Hanger

Updated on January 1, 2011

A gentleman’s valet stand or a valet chair is a useful piece of furniture every guy should have. Buy one for yourself, drop some hints to a loved one or get one for your man if you are the lady in his life, he’ll love you more for it. They come in various styles which offer more or less functionality and different design styles to suit the existing room décor and his personality.

For the most functionality, look towards a standing mens clothing valet instead which may have such things as a built in trouser press, suit hanging rack, storage drawers and digital device charging station all combined – the ultimate piece of executive gentleman’s furniture.

For less functionality, but a more traditional vibe, opt for a valet chair instead. Valet chairs are a multi-functional piece of gentleman’s furniture for the bedroom. They resemble an average bedroom chair but have more functionality than that giving you a comfortable chair when you need it and a clothes valet with a mens suit holder and storage drawer the rest of the time.

A gentlemen’s clothing valet seat typically offers something like a mahogany chair with a suit hanger on the back, ideal for hanging a suit jacket or blazer on the back of the chair and preventing creases for crease free suits all the time. Storage valet chairs also have a storage area either in the form on an unobtrusive small pull out drawer or a storage compartment under the seat.

A valet chair with drawer compartment is an ideal storage for cufflinks, a watch, bracelet and other mens jewelry and small items like a pager etc. Men’s valet chairs with storage seats have either a hinged or lift up lid with a valet organizer below. You’d never know the compartment was there by looking at the seating which makes it a good place to store valuable and an even better way to organize your odds and ends rather than leaving them lying around the bedroom to get lost or forgotten in the morning.

Valet chairs make a perfect gift for him especially if he is a businessman and regularly wears a suit and tie to work. There is often a tie hanger at the back of the chair in addition to the built in shirt, suit jacket and trouser hanger and his shoes just slip underneath the chair neat and tidy. Guys, you can prepare your clothes for the morning and easily slip into them without waking your wife or girlfriend by making all kinds of noise rummaging around in the wardrobe for something to wear. It’s so much more convenient this way and you get a handy chair into the bargain, ideal for slipping your shoes on in comfort too.

Antique Valet Chairs

A stylish men’s valet chair with suit hanger, change rack and inbuilt drawer or storage seat can be bought in many styles and finishes, from solid wood valet chairs to those with plush padded seats should the fancy take you. Antique valet chairs are all the rage, bringing a touch of class to any gentleman’s bedroom and being reminiscent of the era from whence they originally came. Antique valet chairs for sale online are found mainly at auction sites like eBay for example and often offer more unique and retro designs like wicker or bamboo valet chairs.

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