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Desktop Valet Charging Stations - Mens Valet Charger Organizer

Updated on August 24, 2014

As we gather more and more small personal digital devices around us, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep them all charged up and running and harder still to keep them organized whilst you do so. By the time you plug in your smartphone, iPod, digital camera, PDA, pager, Nintendo DSi,…and whatever else becomes a must-have item by the time you read this, your desk is a mess of chargers and cables! That’s where desktop valet charging stations come in. Not only do they look good but they are also the perfect place for organizing all your small portable devices while they charge and a great power cable and charging adapter storage solution when not in use.

Desktop charger stations, are a great buy for yourself and an excellent executive gift idea for men and women as well. A classy leather valet charging stand is an attractive and useful office accessory and they can be bought in a variety of styles to suit all kinds of décor. Pick a wooden mahogany desktop charging station to match your mahogany office furniture or perhaps choose a black leather desktop charging station to match your similiarly styled swivel chair and dark hued furniture. There are plenty of options out there.

Desk valet chargers have various organizing compartments for stowing items like iPhones, MP3 players etc. while they charge up but also have sections for pens, pencils, a loose charge holder, place for your keys and sunglasses etc. Desk valet charging organizers are useful desktop organizers with a charging element built in, useful for powering up those digital devices but also a typical office desk organizer as well, multifunctional as well as useful.

Some cell phone charging valets have multiple shelves, others are flatter and more compact so you can find what fits you best. Most too, have a power strip built in to the back or concealed unobtrusively underneath and a way to conceal and tie up all the cords and cables so your desk is no longer a mess of cables and leads. Some have additional useful features like a built in watch winder.

Whilst they are often referred to as desk valet charging stations, they will fit anywhere else in your home and many people like to use them in the bedroom so they can charge up their digital devices overnight or in their hallway so you can drop your keys, loose coins etc. in it as you walk through the door and put your mobile device to charge ready for picking back up again on the way out in the morning.

There are also valet chargers which are not designed for the desk of flat surface like a table but are designed to be wall mountable or as part of other useful devices. A wall mounted valet charging station like the one shown for sale above is a nice alternative for men which includes a tie rack, room for keys, cufflinks etc. and a concealed power strip and holder for charging phones, MP3 player devices and so on, all concealed behind an attractive mirror. Another alternative is to look at a free standing clothing stands with a built in charging station, for the complete bedroom storage solution.

These are popular gifts for men which are often found in gadget stores like Brookstone or offline gift shops. Online, you can find an excellent selection at a wide range of stores and also at auction sites like eBay where you can find used and second hand valet charging stations for sale but also great deals on new items as well.


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