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Suit Valet Stands - Mens Free Standing Clothes Valet Stand

Updated on September 1, 2014

Before wardrobes become quite so well outfitted, the well-dressed man often turned towards a free standing clothing valet stand in order to keep his business suits and dress clothes in tip top condition. Also known as a gentleman’s valet stand, or a men’s suit valet amongst other things, these free standing clothes valets generally consist of a jacket and shirt hanger, trouser rail, shoe bar, and a small tray area for storing loose change, car keys, cell phone and other small items.

These days the gentleman’s clothing valet is as much a status symbol of the well-dressed man as it is a functional piece of furniture for the executive gent in a hurry. Men’s suit valet stands are ideal for laying out your shirt, tie, shoes, suit pants and jacket the night before, leaving them readily prepared for the morning when you wake up. You will appreciate how your clothing stays pressed and clean and remains conveniently at hand in the morning. No more rummaging around in the wardrobe each morning which is something your wife or girlfriend will appreciate too.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for an executive man in your life then a suit valet is the ideal choice. If he wears designer suits and is generally well turned out, then the chances are he will greatly appreciate the benefits this piece of men's furniture provides. The basic style offers a wooden suit valet set up to give him a single location to set out suit, shoes etc. and is an attractive piece of furniture when clothed or naked. There are numerous styles, from mahogany wood valet stands to chrome metal suit valets to fit in with all bedroom styles.

The more traditional style isn't for everyone however, and there are men's suit valet stands to match the more technological age in which we live today. You can find a valet stand with trouser press attached, allowing him to press pants overnight, leaving them freshly press with a sharp crease ready for the morning. Men's trouser presses make an great buy by themselves but combine the two and you have a winner.

You can also buy suit valet stand charging stations too, which combine all the advantages of a freestanding wardrobe valet with an portable digital device and cell phone charging station. These turn the accessory tray into a digital charging station, so you can charge phones, ipods, mp3 players etc. overnight ready to face the day in the morning. They're a more organized and tidy solution with a concealed power strip to charge devices rather than having plugs all over the house with trailing wires everywhere...and much less easy to forget an essential work phone, pager etc. if it's always charging in the same place.

Where To Find A Valet Stand For Sale

So where can I buy a standing wardrobe valet stand for men anyway? Well, they are not that easy to find in the offline world, although any high end department store will probably have a few in stock but not a huge range to choose from. The alternative is to look at the online world and to sites which typically carry a huge range of sometimes hard to find items. Valet stands for sale are listed on this page and there are more on the same sites this page links to.

For more unique styles you might like to look at antique suit valet stands at some of the major online auction sites. eBay is a good place to find retro and antique valet stands but also a good place to find new ones too, often at great prices. Some auctions available right now are listed below.


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