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Vanity Mirrors: Not Just For The Vain!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Vanity Mirrors Are A Must For Any Home

Vanity mirrors are a functional and decorative mirror that is typically used by a woman to apply make-up or to style hair. Mounted or portable vanity mirrors are the most preferred type by most women for convenience. You can choose from vanity mirrors have magnification to aid in precision make-up application or tweezing.

Vanity Mirrors Are Available In A Myriad Of Styles

There are hundreds of style options to choose from so you can create any look you want with your vanity mirror. Some shapes include oval, round, arched, rectangular or you get a mirror that is framed. A vanity mirror can be the most adaptable design element in any bathroom.

The classic vanity mirror with peripheral light bulbs is perfect for applying makeup
The classic vanity mirror with peripheral light bulbs is perfect for applying makeup
A vanity mirror over a sink can make for a striking décor choice
A vanity mirror over a sink can make for a striking décor choice

An important part of any bathroom is a wall-mounted vanity mirror. They are ideal for shaving and make-up application or removal and be light by a wall sconce. Some vanity mirrors are available with a vanity table. This is a separate piece of furniture designed for a bedroom, allowing a woman to apply her make-up if the bathroom is in use. A mirror is usually included with a vanity set, but you may have to purchase it separately.

Vanity Mirrors Add Value To Any Décor

Vanity is best served in front of a mirror, and a beauteous floor mirror, a gorgeous wall mirror, or a handsome full length mirror make for the perfect way to make sure that you're looking your best, as does a beautiful full-length mirror, a lovely large mirror, (or go all the way with several enormous large mirrors), a pretty round mirror, a stunning bathroom mirror, an alluring antique mirror, an appealing make up mirror, or a charming compact mirror.

Bath vanity mirrors are wonderful, thus bathroom vanity mirrors take their place right alongside the other vanities mirrors as important adjuncts to your home's décor. Of course you can choose from the cornucopia of different vanity wall mirrors as well as lighted vanity mirrors, antique vanity mirrors, decorative vanity mirrors, white vanity mirrors, small vanity mirrors or even custom vanity mirrors to completely fit your individualistic sense of style!

Vanity mirrors can be built into furniture as well
Vanity mirrors can be built into furniture as well

Essential, Beautiful & Functional Vanity Mirrors

 Vanity mirrors are an essential piece in any bathroom as the are usually the focal point. They can be elegant and enhance the bathroom aesthetics while providing function to improve the bathrooms efficiency.

A chrome framed vanity mirror adds a simple touch to your bathroom. For something a little more playful, choose a vanity mirror with a mosaic frame. For a more modern touch choose a mirror framed with hardwood that complements a contemporary bathroom.  Add style with a frameless vanity mirror over a basic white sink.

The potential to integrate a variety of materials in the bathroom vanity mirror is infinite. Options like tile, glass, aluminum and unique woods are readily available.

Tips On Installing A Vanity Mirror

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