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Vanity sink and cabinet

Updated on November 27, 2011

vanities and cabinets

You can do this

Well I just couldn't wait for comments so I decided to pick a project myself. I chose installing a new bathroom vanity cabinet w/sink and as you can tell with just these two pictures the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination or wallet.

A few years back I was aked by a neighbor if I could help him remodel his bathroom. Being of a neighborly type, I said yes. Well my neighbor, who is very frugal asked me if we could use a piece of furniture he had for a vanity base cabinet. I took a look at what he had and told him not with what he had too many drawers and all in the wrong spot, the middle. It would have taken to much to make this a blind front and then you would have had no useable drawer space. I gave him a suggestion of what to look for and he chose something like picture number one. I think he said at a yard sale it set him back $30.00.

Now for the top, we used a cultured marble sink and counter all made in the same mold. you can get these at Home Depot, Lowes etc. and usually there is some local company making them. I think his cost $125.00.(Big point here, measure your old cabinet from left to right . or vice versa cause you will need to know the width, also measure from front to back for depth)

You need to be able to fit the cabinet in the space you choose, average depth of manufactured vanity cabinets are approx. 19"-21"(inches) deep and width, well that depends on whether it has drawers, or two bowls or... ,but average is 30"-36" for a single bowl w/a few drawers arranged over each other for a small to medium bath in a modest home, perhaps a colonial.

Well once you get your vanity sink base and corresponding and dimensionally appropriate sink bowl, top, or...itwill be time to find a faucet. The faucet can be almost anything, one piece, three pieces, polished brass, stainless steel etc.

Now then on with the show, if you have any questions before beginning, or if you need info to get started email me @ maybe send a picture or two if the area to place the fixture w/ a referencing tape measure placed in the area for dimensional purposes and pictures w/dimensions of cabinets, sinks and faucets you would like to use.

If you have specific questions ask them, I will post responses here if I can, or email you back, or both. maybe w/ a picture myself to help explain something such as how to patch that spot where it was plaster w/drywall and make it look good, or how to replace the angle , or straight stop shut-off valves if they are not stopping the flow of water. or tieing in new pvc piping to existing dwv copper , or galvanized drainage piping.

To help speed the process I borrowed this video from Youtube, but as you know each application is different, but this covers the basics so watch and familarize yourself with the installation. If you need demolition help again e-mail me so you dont end up w/gushing water and soggy ceilings.

Demo and install of vanity, top and faucet

Any questions?

 Like I said, there might come a point and time that you might get stuck. If you really want it and email me for it, I can give you my phone numbe to walk you through a tight spot. Please bear in mind I am on the east coast and need my beuty sleep so if you can think of the question before starting that would be best, but I know sometimes things can go wrong.


 Sorry, but being a good Samaritan still requires me to say this. I can not be held responsible, or liable for any damages or losses incurred while attempting to replace/install these fixtures.

If you are not confident in your abilities as a do it yourselfer, or are unsure of the installation procedures please stop here. If you need additional information please enter in the comment section below.

What next?

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    • profile image

      Robvert Mayhew 4 years ago

      Hi Michael,

      While the picture does represent an 'antique' looking vanity., you could use almost any chest of drawers, credenza, sideboard or any cabinet that will hold a sink bowl. As far as that goes, almost any bowl shaped object, that holds water, could be used as a sink. You will need to drill a hiole to accomodate the tailpiece of the drain assembly.

      Back to your question of the piping location, it would be behind the doors of the cabinet and under the sink. Here in the US, I noted Australia in you tag, I would use a 1.5" (mm?)PVC drain pipe w/a 1.25 X 1.5" drain adapter and two most likely compression, angle stops (valves) 3/8 X 5/8 OD . I would locate the drain at 18" from floor to C/L of drain and the water lines at 21" floor to C/L, but as always check your local codes and measure the finished height of your sink for the best result.

      If i have answered your questions great and if not please ask again. Have a great day.

    • profile image

      Michael 4 years ago

      The pictures says that this kind of cabinet is an antique?. And just wondering if where is the pipe system here located. A nice kind of sink - cabinet though.