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Varied Organic Fertilizers for Vegetables

Updated on January 14, 2011

Are you planning to grow your own vegetables in your garden or farm? If the answer is yes, then you might as well consider applying some organic fertilizers for vegetables too. Any natural organic fertilizer can help further enhance the structure and health of your garden or farm produce. So instead of promoting chemical fertilizers to your yield, then try the safest option. Go organic!

Organic fertilizers Vs. Chemical fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers are still being used today especially when trees or other plant life are being grown. But the damaging part to this is that using toxic products on your garden or farm can have a bad effect on nature, humans, and animals. But the creation of organic-based fertilizers has already been made available in the most resourceful of ways. You can now make your own organic fertilizer with no extra cost on your part.

How to obtain Organic fertilizers

Organic farming fertilizers, especially those that are applied on vegetables, can simply be created by just using raw materials straight from your kitchen, yard, or farm. You can consider composting organic scraps such as old newspapers (already made into strips), crushed eggshells, fruit or vegetable peels, coffee grounds, fallen foliage, dried leaves, grass clippings, twigs, and days old animal manure (from plant-eating animals only). So anyone can make compost out of leaves, or even harvest some castings from worms.

Castings from Worms

Worm castings have been recognized to be packed with more nutrients compared to other compost kinds. Since composting worms are used to produce castings, you can be assured that the organics that they consume are also high in nutritional value. You can maximize more of this worm by-product by making this into worm tea. To create one, you can put in some castings inside a old sock (make sure it has no holes and is securely tied). As soon as you’re done preparing this, simply soak the castings in some chlorine-free water; and then have the mixture aerated overnight.

Compost from other raw materials

Compost from leaves is also one of the many organic fertilizers for vegetables that you can use to supplement your garden or farm crops. You can have these shredded or cut into smaller pieces so that when you use these, the leaves won’t add any extra bulk inside the composting bin. Other than leaf compost, you can also use chicken manure, bone meal, and fish blood. With these examples, your garden or farm produce will surely show better yield and results when you use any of these natural fertilizers.


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      7 years ago

      Organic gardeners who wish to grow more than a pot of herbs or lettuce must invest in supplemental indoor garden lighting, unless they have a south-facing sunroom. A cool and a warm fluorescent light combination gives plants the full spectrum they need to grow. Gardeners can buy a special plant light fixture, like the Aerogarden, but ordinary hanging shop lights work well too.

      Place the plants as close as possible to the lights, as the light intensity decreases greatly with each inch of distance. Keep the lights on at least 16 hours a day for best growth. You can also buy best class organic fertilizer from saosis. They are good and ships quite fast. In my opinion, every one should give it a try.


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