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Various Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Updated on August 18, 2014

There are various products that use select veneers and hardwoods. They generate sophisticated and classic cabinets. The beauty and elegance of hardwood are expressed in the character of each piece of wood. The results are attractive variations of grain and color. There are also alternative materials and paints available. This offers a more consistent appearance for people who prefer more uniformity.

Natural Hardwoods

Modern kitchens are dominated by stainless steel and glass. The texture of hardwood supplies a welcome contrast. Wood has dining characteristics as well. It is highlighted by glazes and stains. However, the look of wood can change over time because of age and exposure to light. Humidity can also have an impact on wood.


This type of wood can range from rustic to clear and unmarked. There are various colors as well. These colors include reddish brown and pale red. This is a softer wood. It offers a stable surface for stains and finishes.


Cherry wood can range from deep brown to blonde. It darkens as it gets older. This type of wood adds elegance to your cabinetry and décor. It can move forward in fashion or be taken in back in history.


Maple wood is full of character. It works well with many finishes and styles. Creamy white and pale reddish brown are two colors that you can choose from. This wood has a smooth and subtle grain pattern. It also has uniform appearance. Some maple wood may contain mineral streaks and bird's eye dots.


Oak has a very powerful, open grain pattern. The colors for these cabinets range from dark cinnamon to salmon red. Sometimes oak may include random knots, wild grain patterns, mineral deposits, and holes. It is a very durable hardwood suited to conventional, rustic, or casual looks.

There is another type of oak known as rift oak. It is cut at an angle to the rings of the tree. This wood shows off interesting rays, flakes, and flames. Rift oak has an artistic look. It can be applied to any style and can look modern as well.


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