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Vastu Shatra Tips for Your Home

Updated on March 12, 2016

Vastu Shastra is a deep science of architecture that aims to channelize your positive energy and use it for your betterment. The techniques have been around for centuries and have been widely practiced in India and also abroad which originated while construction Hindu temples in India. The science forms its core on the location and direction of your home or commercial establishment.

This science is actively followed by many hindu's in India for centuries together. Before making a new purchase or renovation, homeowners bring their Vastu consultants to their homes and seek advice on the design layout of each room or modification.

Although, there is so much written about it and some much preached to practice about, following are the essentials of the checklist. Many believe and many don't so, but ensure you get the basics right would yield you peace,prosperity and a happy life.

This practice is widely practiced in India and you will find plenty of Vastu Agencies offering your their services. Vasti Shastra is similar to Feng Shui. This science is also being practiced in other parts of the world as well. Vastu is utilized for residential as well as commercial structures. Vastu Shastra is all about how one can design a home that can harness all the positive energy of the universe.

The most important part of the home is said to be the main entrance, the kitchen, toilets and bathrooms are also critical while maintaining the right balance. In India many homes as have a Pooja room or the prayer room which also holds importance in its location. The structure has to be a four walled layout, which is why you see majority of the homes in India having this layout as this is considered optimal for Vastu.

There are also other elements such as placing of your household items, but these aren't as important as the location or direction of the main rooms of the house.

a. Pre-Construction of the Home

Hindus preform a Bhumi Pooja which symbolizes worshiping the earth before commencing the construction. This is done to gather the earths blessings and a right start to the proceedings

b. Entrance to Your Home

The east is considered the best entrance to your home as the sun rises in this direction. The sun is believed to bring positive energy and fill your home with light. A east facing direction is the most optimum and should be the first option and if at all you cannot have it in this direction you can opt for North-East.

c. The Location of the Kitchen

The ideal location for your kitchen should be in the South East and cooking should be facing in the east. Also, the kitchen shouldnt be placed directly facing the front door which usually rarely happens.

d. The Location of the Master Bedroom

Kitchens should be ideally location in the opposite end of the kitchen at the south west corner of the house. This would ensure that you do not get disturbed by the activities and sounds from the other parts of the house.

e. Location of the Bathroom

Bathrooms are to be constructed ideally in the North West corner of the house and an alternative solution would be facing towards South East.

Other Tips

a. Remove Clutter

b. Avoid Plants such as Cactus

c. A Loud Door bell

d. Avoid Medicines in the Kitchen

e. Avoidind sleeping in front of the mirror.


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