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Vastu tips for doors and windows

Updated on April 3, 2012

The doors and windows form the essential furnishing articles of the house. They not only become the passage for the air to enter into the house but also as a gateway for energies. The windows at the right direction and right place help the positive energy to enter into the house and keep the negative energy away from us. According to Vastu shastra, windows at the right place can increase the prosperity and affluence of the people staying inside. Here I like to list down some of the essential vastu tips, which has to be noted when placing your doors and windows.

  • The main door should be taller than other doors of the house.
  • There should not be any obstruction in front of the main door like trees, poles, trash etc., These obstructions might stop the positive energy entering the house.
  • The doors should not be placed in the center of the wall. It should be placed away from the center but also make sure that it does not lie on the extreme corner of the wall.
  • If you are planning to use wood for doors and windows, make sure to use same kind of wood. Teak wood is most preferred for doors and windows.
  • Usually the doors and windows are rectangular. They say that the doors, which have irregular or square shapes, may bring bad luck.
  • The door should not close automatically. It may affect the health of children.
  • The doors or windows should not make noise. If it does, it has to be repaired immediately. According to vastu, noisy doors may create quarrel inside the home.
  • The direction of the doors and windows play an important role. In a house the maximum number of doors and windows should be opening in the north and east sides, rather than south and west.
  • The number of doors and windows should be even in number. But make sure they are not 10.
  • At fixing the doors and windows, cross-ventilation should be taken care of. Fix doors and windows opposite to each other to make the room bright an airy.
  • The windows should have symmetry in height, although the height and width may differ.
  • Window openings should be on the northern and eastern sides of the buildings and in all rooms.
  • The bigger size of windows in the north or east directions allow good energy into the house. According to Indian vastu, north brings prosperity and east brings progress and health.
  • Installing windows at the southwest direction may affect the health of the house members, so avoid placing windows in the southwest direction.
  • Northeast windows bring wealth prosperity, happiness and development in life.
  • Windows at east brings name and fame, good health and all our works are made easy.
  • North windows bring prosperity, money flow and happiness.
  • At any cost, windows should not be fit at the southwest corner of the southwest room.

Nowadays, we speak so much on the right placement and positioning of the doors and windows but we forget to pay little more attention on the materials used for the doors and windows. Before fixing the doors and windows, make a thorough analysis of the following points.

  • Proper positioning of doors and windows.
  • Direction and placement of doors and windows.
  • Size of doors and windows
  • Materials to be used in the doors
  • Glasses to be used in the windows.

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