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Veneered Bathrooms: Today’s Trend for your Relaxation Haven

Updated on May 7, 2016

Natural wood veneers are the environmentally responsible way to create beautiful finishes on all sorts of fixed cabinetry, furniture and wood panelling. And there are plenty more benefits to using veneers which can create stunning effects in various rooms of the home. One particular area that lends itself to wood veneering is the bathroom.

Decorative wood veneers are naturally beautiful. Because of the methods used to cut the timber, not only are they environmentally responsible, they also produce amazing effects.

Design Appeal

Natural grains, burrs and knots show themselves to perfection when the logs are cut in certain ways, and designers working alongside veneer woodworking experts are very good at achieving just the right finish that perfectly suits the space, with what they call ‘matching techniques’ used to ensure a smooth flow from one panel to the next.

Contrasting grain flow can also be used to achieve stunning effects that guests will not fail to comment on. Designers will choose varying cuts to produce both vertical and horizontal direction of grain which, when used alongside each other, really do produce something quite spectacular.

Practical Benefits

Because veneers don’t expand and contract as temperatures rise and fall, they are perfect for bathrooms. They are eye-catching and highly practical, and create an instant impression of style.

Wood veneer panels can be used to excellent effect in a bathroom to hide pipework and to conceal cisterns. Wood veneers are also perfect for pedestal cabinets, vanity units, storage cupboards, bath panels and doors. A consistent flow throughout the room that you call your relaxation haven is easily achieved.

Popular Choices of Timber

Some of the most popular choices of timber for bathroom veneers are crown cut steamed beech, bird’s eye maple, American oak, American walnut and Wenge. Depending on whether your preference is for dark wood, or a lighter finish, there really is such an enormous choice.

If you are looking to achieve a truly astounding finish in your bathroom, talk to your bathroom designers about making use of decorative wood veneers. You will be amazed by the results!

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Crown Steamed BeechStraight Grain Steamed Beech
Crown Steamed Beech
Crown Steamed Beech
Straight Grain Steamed Beech
Straight Grain Steamed Beech


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