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Vermicomposting as a Process

Updated on May 16, 2010

It is better to start vermicomposting by studying it as a process.  Knowing some important facts regarding the matter will make things easier.  If you are a beginner, much more that you should read this because this is your key to really get there.

Vermicomposting or also known as worm composting is a process wherein you are to convert organic wastes into dark, rich soil that would be good for your plants.  The whole process is of course done in the absence of chemicals which makes it even more interesting.  Worm composting is never complete without composting worms.  These will help in the conversion of organic wastes to a productive compost.  There are different kinds of composting worms and these include African Night Crawlers (more recommended as fishing bait) and the Eisenia fetida or commonly called as Red Wiggler worms

Red Worms are the most recommended type.  Aside from being heavy eaters (can eat as much as their body weight), they are also deep burrowing worms wherein they are able to dig not more than 2 inches.  This characteristic makes aeration better for the soil.

In the meantime, vermicomposting as a process is not really difficult.  It can be done in a small or large scale depending on your space.  If you prefer to have it at home, all you need to do is prepare worm bin, beddings (shredded newspapers), Red worms and organic materials for their food.

Though it may seem easy, the composting worms needs attention as well. A temperature of 40-80 degrees F should be maintained while moist bedding should always be kept. Worms are irritated with a too dry or too cold environment which is why it is important that the bin is always supervised. Once the worms give their castings, your plants would enjoy a chemical-free fertilizer.

The end product of vermicomposting can also be used to make compost tea. The nutrients that the compost contains are unbeatable making plants really healthy. The practice of vermicomposting is as well a noble act because you contribute to the betterment of the environment.


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