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Victorian Women: The True Super Woman!!!!

Updated on August 30, 2011

Today, as I was trolling through HubPages. I came across an amazing hub about the dress styles of Victorian Women.written by Delores Monet that I became inspired.

You see I have always wanted to write a hub about the women of this time period ever since my grandmother told me her stories of her childhood. My grandmother, was born in 1906 on a small farm in Maine. She was the youngest of seven children. My great-grandfather was a school master and was often gone teaching schools in Western Maine. This often left my great-grandmother at home alone with 7 children and a farm to take care of.

Through, the stories that my grandmother told me about growing up I was always in awe of this woman. In addition to raising seven children, she also had to make sure the farm was taken care during her husband's absence, cows milked, gardens planted and maintained, eggs gathered, stables cleaned and the list goes on. Then, after that she still had to cook the food for the family, clean the house, make clothes, bake bread, can the vegetables, and do laundry.

For the majority of women the traditional course of life was to leave their parents home for their husband's house . We have all seen the pictures of the grand Victorian Ladies in their long full dresses, hair up, tiny waists, fluttering fans.  But the other side of this bucolic picture, is the hardness of life.

It wasn't uncommon for women to be seriously injured or die from household injuries.  My grandmother used to tell me that they way her mother would know if the cook stove was hot enough to bake bread was to stick her arm into the oven and hold it there.  If she could hold it in the oven for a count of 20 it was time to put the bread in.  Needless to say, the potential of serious burns was a possibility.  Women would be scalded doing the laundry, hands could be crushed in the wringers ladies used to wring the clothes out, and their long skirts were known to catch on fire.

Today the role of women at home hasn't changed since the Victorian Era. We still, have to cook, clean, raise the kids, do laundry and for many of us work a full time job outside the house. The thing that is different, is the ease in which we can get things done and we are now being seen for who we are not what we do.

So when, we feel overwhelmed with our daily chores we need to take a moment to honor the original Super Woman.  It is through her  strength and courage that our lives and the lives of future women are only going to be better. 


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