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Vidond vm Cvbreum Lux dhae rhea dtar

Updated on July 21, 2016

Under the plates of some music lay lay lines of rivers known

Well you had asked for thanks and mercii, so as naiive as some are in gardening most of the work was started before the dawn and all around. I would say that more than moon dust settled yet there is a reason that some minders are silent in there repose. I think that gardening is best with some fresh honesty, and if there is none anymore than a little nitrogen rich soil does the trick. Not that monies are not nicer yet gone are the rivers of less that acidity. Had mother ever even left the bottles in plain sight of the papers, white and handed to the hand of the ones that need the cleanest of laundry. Forever knew. What a memory.

Poetic justice that nice places to visit never can be lived in for long, seasons change and new actors always find better land to care for. I was removed from the hands that tended the gardens of the contempt they showed my grace, in the meaning that life is short give your all and then let them keep the spoils of life for gold in the mud is rarely spent by chemistry just the mind that lusts for forgiveness that is free.

A nun of an order told me once, or were they pagans, leave when you see new orders coming in. How I miss them, their hands were older and not always for touching and some were, men. Olden fathers, that rarely spoke unless in need. They had tended some minds and then we all know on a level that our life is work in many areas. I would be the most of all work in my own meaning for they would remove all stops to harm my heart in all life matters for they rarely asked for help themselves, and I was always the one to ask. I would always until this injustice and I would fall for nature in a heartbeat to steal what is known in nature already, you decide your life.

Whores were once the feasts of all saints, in a different meaning and only a few would really know what that meant, that whores are flowers sometimes dancing in colored unison is nature without judgment, that man judges man and women women, is vengeance and judgement of nature. You have no true identity that isn't planted, none of us do, the light is before the door, or who knew who saw that meaning.

gifts are free, when you stealing them as your own they are thefts, then they are not gifts, they are nothing and you deserve the nothingness that nature was once to nature. Death rattles and all meaning of disgraced by the hands of those carpetbaggers that sold tricks and songs of the PQRSTECKABGU kind to the living for music, a damnation of great importance will fall to my life, and just this singular man, the rest be in freeze. I think that it is completely human to listen for nature always heard the call of the injured and sick as prey for easy meals. We that were in thoughts more noble dared, the innocence has the right to be in mercy and show the once thought something something. I agree, just IX.

You have my ears, maybe not my heart of the same mind yet known.


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