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Viking Fiberglass Pools

Updated on May 5, 2010

Why Choose Viking

Fiberglass is one of the most popular swimming pool materials available today, and with more and more people each year choosing to invest in a swimming pool, Viking are becoming one of the most well known fiberglass pool manufacturers out there. Viking give all of their fiberglass pools a lifetime warranty, ensuring your money is well spent, plus they only use the best resins and fiberglass to make sure that your pool is strong, durable and requires as little maintenance as possible. Viking only deal through specific pool dealers, so if this page has made up your mind, be sure to visit The Aqua Group today for more information.

All About Viking Fiberglass Pools

If you’re thinking of making an important investment in a swimming pool this year to combat those hot and sticky summer months, make sure you spend your money wisely with a Viking fiberglass pool. Fiberglass pools hold many advantages, not only do they far surpass their concrete and vinyl counterparts, but they are one of the most cost effective pools available, plus they are easier to work with and incredibly simple to install. If a fiberglass pool sounds like the right choice for you, then you’ll want to ensure that you choose the right brand for the best results, so make sure you choose a Viking Pool.

Viking Pools are well known for manufacturing impeccable pools that come with a unique lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind that money has certainly been well spent. They offer up a wide variety of pool styles and sizes, but on top of this, they also offer a unique feature that sets them apart from the rest. Viking have more options available than any other pool manufacturer, allowing you to pick and choose different elements of your pool to ensure it meets your exact specification. They offer up a wide selection of built in water features such as cascades and streams, and fiber optic lighting, and in-floor cleaning systems as well as features such as perimeter tiles, inlaid tiles, tile mosaics, Crystite pool finishes. This unique system of selection leaves you with an end product that completely compliments your home and your lifestyle, opening up a lifetime of pleasure and enjoyment to be had with your new swimming pool.

Viking Pools manufacture superior products by creating and strengthening their swimming pools in a way that is unlike any other pool in the world. Viking combines premium, raw materials and a unique four-stage manufacturing process, known as A.C.P. (Advanced Composite Pool), to create a pool that meets and succeeds your expectations. Viking have been working hard over the last two decades in the fields of research, development and innovation in order to ensure they find the correct method of build, installation and performance for pool owners throughout the world. What they found was unique to them, and brings the swimming pool industry well into the 21st century.

Viking’s state-of-the-art construction begins with only the best durable and high-polished materials. A Gel Coating, or Vikings unique Crystite is then applied to the pool in order to give it that uniquely smooth and luxurious, non-porous finish you only get with fiberglass swimming pools. The coating is a pool owners dream, because not only is it non-abrasive to your skin or swimwear, it is also resistant against algae, meaning you won’t have to pay out further expense on costly pool cleaning products and tools. As well as this, Viking’s unique finish also saves you money because it resists the problems associated with unbalanced water chemistry, requiring less chemical maintenance, labor, and electric, saving you time and money.

If you’re investing in a swimming pool this year, you can’t go wrong with Viking. Their unique method on construction ensures that once you’ve chosen the pool of your dreams, you’ll be able to enjoy it stress and hassle free for the rest of your life.

The Advantages of Viking Fiberglass

If you haven’t already decided to do so, then this year will definitely have to be the year that you buy a swimming pool. Treat the kids and make your neighbors jealous, but above all, make the right decision to go for a Viking fiberglass pool. There are a wide variety of advantages of fiberglass swimming pools, but there are even more for Viking fiberglass swimming pools. Viking have been providing beautiful, top quality swimming pools for years, and also offer some pretty unique features that you may not get with other types of fiberglass swimming pools, or from other pool dealers than The Aqua Group.

The first advantage is a significant one, often the deciding factor for most investors. Viking offer a lifetime warranty with all of their fiberglass pools, an unbelievable perk that a lot of other contractors and pool dealers are too afraid to offer with their unreliable pools. Viking are so confident in their swimming pools, that they are prepared to guarantee your pool for use for your whole life. This not only shows the quality and strength of their pools, but their dedication and commitment to providing customers with only the best swimming pools every time.

The next advantage has to be installation time. With your typical concrete swimming pool, installation time can take weeks, sometimes even months, which is a lot longer than most people are prepared to wait, as well as this, many investors will not be prepared to give up their back yards for such a long time, as often, your privacy can be lost thanks to the amount of work that goes into installing concrete pools. Depending on the size of your pool, Viking provides an estimate installation time for between 3-5 days for most of their styles and sizes, meaning that you don’t have to endure weeks and weeks of work going on in your back yard.

Another advantage has to be the strength Viking Pools offers up, strength that is unbelievably 17x stronger than that of concrete making them perfect for climates that swing between hot and cold, or locations prone to earthquakes. This also means that your fiberglass pool will require less maintenance and expense, as it will be a lot less likely to crack or damage. Pool repairs can often be a costly expense a lot of us can definitely live without, and with Viking, it’s an expense that you can live without.

On top of this, Viking fiberglass pools are also a lot more eco-friendly than their concrete counterparts. The pools themselves act as a natural insulator within the ground, meaning no extra expense – to your wallet or the environment – will be required to heat the pool up, and thanks to the special, algae-resistant technology, a lot less harmful chemicals are required.

In the past, fiberglass swimming pools were a luxury many couldn’t afford, but nowadays, affordable pricing and reduced maintenance make fiberglass pools a lot more affordable than concrete and vinyl, plus they come with a lot more features, such as perimeter tiles, inlaid tiles as well as tile mosaics, not to mention the exclusive Crystite® pool finishes, built-in water features – such as cascades and streams – fiber optic and LED lighting, vanishing edges and in floor cleaning systems. With so many advantages, you would be crazy not to select Viking as your Fiberglass Pool manufacturer.

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Viking can give you a pool that not only looks flawless, but has all the modern conveniences every family needs for the perfect pool.
Viking can give you a pool that not only looks flawless, but has all the modern conveniences every family needs for the perfect pool.

Why is Viking Fiberglass Better than Concrete?

When selecting a swimming pool, you may be tempted to select an inferior pool material, such as Concrete and Vinyl; this is often down to their low initial costs. You can, however, be forgiven for thinking that these other materials are ‘cheaper’ and will last you longer. However, concrete and vinyl have a wide variety of disadvantages that can cost you a lot of time and money which you could be spending elsewhere.

First of all – Concrete. Concrete is often a popular swimming pool choice, as it has unlimited design capabilities, and can give your home the permanent improvement and increased value you may want. However, Concrete pools have a wide variety of disadvantages that many pool dealers may neglect to mention, disadvantages that you will want to know before investing such a large amount of money in what you think is the best material.

Concrete pools typically take a massive 4-8 weeks to fully install, sometimes longer than this, and often have to be fitted by subleased contractors. They are also typically regarded as unattractive too, as the concrete can show through around the pools etching, making the swimming pool look ugly and cheap. The surface of concrete pools are also incredibly rough and abrasive, anyone who has ever suffered a graze, knock or bump from a concrete pool will tell you it’s not a pleasant injury to endure, especially when you want tog et pleasure and enjoyment out of your swimming pool. 

Concrete is also a porous material, which makes it a breeding ground for algae and other micro-bacteria, meaning you will have to spend excessive amounts of money to keep it clean and sanitary. It is also not a flexible material, so if you like in a climate where temperatures can swing; you may have to foot the bill for regular crack-repairs, acid washing and re-plastering. Concrete pools are very high maintenance and you will need to maintain it professionally each month, which causes excessive use of chemicals and electricity. But above all, concrete pools are not eco-friendly – acid baths emit fumes into the atmosphere, and excessive re-plastering can lead to added waste to our already full landfill sites. You may be attracted by the initial installation fee, but concrete pools can typically cost their owners a staggering $16,950.00 every 10 years.

Vinyl lined pools are another popular choice, their low initial cost draws people in that are looking for a cheap pool for their home. However, just like Concrete, vinyl can hold many hidden costs and expenses, making it a lot more expensive than fiberglass over time. What some dealers will not tell you is that vinyl pools are pretty much temporary pools, and require regular replacement. They are prone to rips, punctures and tears too, meaning that as well as an annual vinyl replacement, you may also have to spend money replacing damaged liners, which inevitably end up clogging our landfill sites. Plus, they can be very harmful to the environment, especially if the steel panels or mesh bars leech chemicals and rust into the ground surrounding your pool. Chemicals and electrical cost, coupled with liner replacement adds up to an unbelievable $11,500.00 spent every 10 years and what was originally meant to be a cheap purchase.

The maintenance cost you could be wasting on concrete and vinyl pools could be spent on important things you need within your home, and in today’s tough economic climate, the last thing you want to do is make poor choices. Fiberglass pools are incredibly easy to maintain, have a very fast installation time, and above all, only cost you around $4,200.00 every 10 years, making it the most cost effective swimming pool to invest in. So if you’re looking for a swimming pool this year, ensure that you choose fiberglass, and always choose Viking.


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