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The Residence at North Penn. OKC Previously, The Village At Quail Springs in Oklahoma City Apartment Review

Updated on August 14, 2012

Photographs Of Village at Quail Springs Property Conditions

Our very luxury (barely Operational Door Jam doesn't even match the handle
Our very luxury (barely Operational Door Jam doesn't even match the handle | Source
Cheap Sign
Cheap Sign | Source
Is this luxury?
Is this luxury? | Source
Stairwell lighting
Stairwell lighting | Source
Stairwell lighting
Stairwell lighting | Source
Missing Siding
Missing Siding | Source
Electrical cords running through water
Electrical cords running through water | Source
Luxury? | Source
Siding Blows Off ALL the time and is left for weeks
Siding Blows Off ALL the time and is left for weeks | Source
More siding blown off
More siding blown off | Source
Gutters laying around
Gutters laying around | Source
More siding laying around
More siding laying around | Source
Luxury Blinds
Luxury Blinds | Source
Parking lot
Parking lot | Source
Cracked Wall, Has since been fixed. was plastered over and never painted., not fixed, patched
Cracked Wall, Has since been fixed. was plastered over and never painted., not fixed, patched | Source
Cracks around LUXURY door, Has since been fixed, was caulked. not fixed, patched
Cracks around LUXURY door, Has since been fixed, was caulked. not fixed, patched | Source
More Cracks was patched with caulking
More Cracks was patched with caulking | Source
Trash in stairwells
Trash in stairwells | Source
Taped Camera Fixtures CLEARLYnNOT LUXURY
Taped Camera Fixtures CLEARLYnNOT LUXURY | Source
Broken Gate
Broken Gate | Source
Gate Locked in OPEN position
Gate Locked in OPEN position | Source
Cheap Cameras
Cheap Cameras | Source
EPA violation. Oil EVERYWHERE
EPA violation. Oil EVERYWHERE | Source
Other units have nicer fixtures than ours which are cheap.
Other units have nicer fixtures than ours which are cheap. | Source
Luxury repairs .. Has since been painted
Luxury repairs .. Has since been painted | Source
Our Luxury Trash
Our Luxury Trash | Source
More Trash
More Trash | Source
Trash | Source
Trash In Tree
Trash In Tree | Source

Not A Luxury Community

Village at Quail Springs,(Now,The Residence at North Penn) Apartment Review. These are NOT Luxury Apartments. The Name of these apartments was changed on April 20th 2012. The previous name was changed in an attempt to hide the negative apartment reviews found at Apartment This article will be dilegantly updated to reflect the most current condition of the property here, now being called The Residence at North Penn.

The Following was a case built against, and reported to Village at Quail Springs Apartments,(The Residence at North Penn) and S C Bodner Apartment Management Group. Some Names Have been removed or replaced to protect privacy.

The New Management (New Manager, The 4th one in 6 months) Has been implemented by B H Management Group. Let there be no mistake, for everyone here, who has been here for 2 months or more, this kind of crap is routine to us. It is common to get a new Manager only to watch them run in horror after a few weeks. Additionally, you may be able to change the name of a place, however unless you take the previous staff out of the situation, the only real change is the name.The leasing agent, maintenance man, and assistant manager are all the same one that have been running this place into the ground since I have known of its existence.

1. The community has a non functioning gate. I was told when I signed my lease agreement that the gate would be functional within two weeks. (October 2011) The gate is still not operational, and is always in the open position.

2. Members of the staff at the Village of Quail Springs (Now,The Residence at North Penn) has made unlawful attempts to enter the apartment without legal notice. (see attached email conversation dating 12/08/2011 that email is between Tenant and Manager (who was at that time Property Manager.)

3. Stairwell and entry lighting is poor at best. During overcast days and during dusk and dawn periods the lighting remains off until it is almost dark outside. This caused an injury on 3/14/2012 resulting in an emergency room visit requiring 6 stitches in my right foot.

4. On 3/16/2011 I was without hot water for a period of over 5 hours resulting in 6 hours of missed pay because i was unable to get to work. Additionally, on that same day I made repeated attempts (over 15 phone calls) to contact a member of the staff to no avail. I placed over 15 calls to the office from the hours of 11:00 am to 6:00 pm that went unanswered for a period of seven hours.

5. On three different occasions the light fixture has fallen out of the bedroom ceiling spraying sparks, smoking, and tripping the breakers in the fuse panel. When the maintenance staff was contacted to resolve the issue, Clinton acted as if I my concerns weren't valid. He then told me that it was my fault because "the bulbs you're using are too big." Additionally, per a conversation with Erin (which is recorded) she stated that "Clinton isn't an electrician" begging the question, why is he working on electrical fixtures?

6. There are several massive potholes in the parking lot, Causing an already dangerous lot to be that much worse.

7. There are no traffic control devices or signage anywhere on the property. No stop signs, No speed limit signs, and no traffic lights or speed bumps to control traffic. For this reason cars often drive through the parking lot at excessive speeds and with little regard for safety.

8. Shortly after moving into the apartments, My vehicle was hit by another resident for the reasons outline above in items 6-7. At that time, the other resident left the scene of the accident. When there was a complaint made to the office staff, specifically Erin, I was told. "There's nothing we can do about it" Agent, a previous employee, had made a similar statement regarding this issue.

9. There is trash constantly blowing around the property due to the fact that there are no gates on the dumpster areas. Also there is broken glass all around 3 of the dumpsters on the south side of the property. It has been there since December 2011.

10. There is little or no water pressure at times, this causes problems when trying to shower, or run our laundry etc.

11. There are excessive amounts of noise in the stairwells and coming from the apartments below and beside as well as across from ours. At all hours of the day and night. When contacted the courtesy patrol has been of no help on this issue. (see item 12)

12. On 3/17/2011 I contacted our on site courtesy patrol to ask that she could have a party broken up from a neighboring apartment that was still caring on at 2 am. When I spoke with her, she informed me that she was aware of the noise, and that she would be over to make another request for them to quiet down. I waited for 30 minutes outside for her to arrive and she never did. I then called back to ask her again to quiet them down, at this point she returned my call, leaving a voice mail (attached sound file) indicating to me that "if I want to take matters into my own hands then I should go ahead and take matters into my own hands." I would like to make it known that this women is an Oklahoma County Sheriffs Deputy, and that her comments could have lead to major liabilities for your company should something had gone wrong, in the event that I had "taken things into my own hands"

13. There is carpet tack strip sticking out of the carpet where it meets the kitchen floor, this has cause several injuries to myself and roommate. Additionally, when I made this known to Clinton (maintenance) I was told that "all the apartments are like that." When I contacted an independent carpet contractor I was told that "whoever installed the carpet was lazy" and that "this is installed improperly."

14. My freezer door handle has been missing since we moved in, there are also missing shelving racks on the lower door. I have made repeated attempts to have this fixed and haven't even been acknowledged.

15. The fixtures found in my "Luxury Apartment" are of the cheapest available and are by no means "Luxurious" of the one ceiling fan found in our unit, it is broken and not working.

16. There are several inner door handles that are non working, The outer door handle has fallen off of the door itself several times, Clinton has come to fix several of these and there are once again non functional. Should there be an emergency situation involving a fire etc, the only exit we would be left with is a third story gated balcony.

17. When I initiated our lease agreement I asked that the hole in the shower stall be patched and painted (see photo) this hole was patched sloppily and never painted (October 2011)

18. There are oil slicks all over the property from leaking cars. I have made several requests to have this rectified and it has yet to be done. The oil is so thick and spread that it is like playing leap frog to get from the parking lot to the sidewalks. (EPA has been made aware of this)

19. The sidewalks in front of our apartment are uneven and have gaps causing trip hazards.

20. I have had to have two of the three faucets replaced in our unit, and they are once again loose and needing repair.

21. Our appliances are noisy and cause a lot of vibration and cannot be run during evening hours without our neighbors complaining.

22. Insect infestation, Spiders, silverfish, other insects. A Large amount of which gathers in the upper parts of the stairwell and above my entry door.

23. In November I arrived home to find that the bugs that were accumulated in the hallway lighting fixtures were emptied onto the floor directly in front of my entry door. On the same day I noticed that the attic door cover in the hallway was missing allowing birds bugs and even a bat to live above my apartment. It took 3 weeks of calling to have it replaced and in the mean time large amounts of bird feces have accumulated on the landing. I have made several attempts to have this resolved.

24. On March 3, 2012, Tenant spoke with your former manager regarding the deplorable condition of the stairwells. manager was shocked about this as she had previously requested the maintenance staff clean the stairwell. Manager went as far as to stop over to our unit to thank us for being good tenants and working through issues on the property. At this time she saw first hand the condition of the stairwell and said it would be taken care of by maintenance. As of March 19, 2012 the stairwell still have not been cleaned.

25. When entering the parking lot from the north, making a left hand turn, you must slow to a near stop to avoid damaging your vehicle on the HUGE bump that is at the entry. This has caused several residents to almost have accidents with other tenants entering, as well as with vehicles trying to drive up and down the main street.

26. The smoke detectors in our unit beep at random times for no apparent reason, we have changed the batteries several times before removing them all together. Still even with no battery the beeping continues. This leaves me to believe the detectors could be defective.

27. There is constantly and consistently building materials laying around the property due to the wind blowing parts of our "luxury buildings" off. This is a clear indication that this place was built with poor quality materials and with a low end budget. This is clearly in NO WAY LUXURY!

28. The model unit we were shown is in no way comparable to what we have received and is staged as a bait and switch. There are several significant differences in building materials, workmanship, and layout.

29. The window coverings, I.E. the sagging mini blinds that are hung, are of the cheapest available and because of this my unit looks FAR LESS THAN LUXURY!

30. The equipment in the gym is constantly broken, over half of it hasn't worked since I have lived here. The same is true about the business center (the closet with 3 computers and a broken printer)

31. There are no fire extinguishers in the units, or the hallways.

32. No doors covering our laundry area.

33. The parking lot floods and fills with mud when it rains, causing our already dangerous exit from the property to be even worse. Several times now staff has had to put out parking cones to divert traffic into the one lane exit into on coming traffic, causing both directions of travel to use the same lane. CLEARLY UNSAFE! (see attached)

34. In early November, a written notice was hung on our door that states we would be evicted if our grill was not removed from our balcony within 24 hours. This created a situation where I had to purchase a lease on a nearby storage facility on a moments notice. Additionally, several of our neighbors still have grills on their balcony's, and continue to use them. However they have not received the same written notice, or treatment. (see attached)

35. I have asked for a second mailbox key 5 different times since move in. As of today that has still not been accommodated. I have two other room mates that have to share one mail box key.

36. The sign at the entrance to the complex is cheaply made, and is being held up by two 4x4 wooden posts and aren't even painted to match. This sign is so cheaply made that it appears to want to blow off with in the wind, just like the rest of the "luxury materials" found laying around.

37. On 3/16/2011 Erin called my cell phone at 9:09 am to ask me to leave work to discuss a trivial matter concerning the way I spoke to her "staff" about a broken hot water heater on the previous day. At the time my room mate and I entered the office to speak with her, we were met with total attitude and repeatedly told that our concerns were "understandable, BUT," I then walked out of the conversation to avoid any further confrontation, and to return to work, where I lost two hours of pay, so that she could make this statement. Additionally this was on the day after I lost six hours of pay due to the lack of hot water. I left with no resolution. (Which has been the case on every issue listed in the email.)

38. HVAC unit is located in the outdoor storage closet, and is locked. This deducts sq. footage from what we were told we were getting, and should be reflected in the lease amount of $1200.00 but isn't.

39. Erin ( The Leasing Agent ) accused me on video of screaming out my breeze way window across the parking lot at her. Allegedly while she was showing an apartment. She goes as far as to say that she "saw me" and that she "knows it was me" however to the contrary to her statements I was not even in the same city on the day she claims this happened. Additionally she later admitted that she had lied to me. (See attached video)

40. The landscaping is inadequate leaving pools of water and mud each time it rains. Additionally it is mowed weekly and is dead, begging the question of "why are they paying people to walk over dead grass?"

41. The floors are uneven throughout our unit. This has created a situation where we are unable to assemble our marine aquarium due to safety issues with the tank leaning and having potential to slide from its stand. This has forced us to sell off over two thousand dollars worth of coral's and marine invertebrates, as well as fish, live rock, and live sand. We now have an empty aquarium taking up additional space. Furthermore, because of this issue, 9 fish, 57 invertebrates, and 3 year old mature live rock and sand had to be taken from their home and relocated.

42. There are cracks around our balcony door, as well as in an inner wall near the kitchen.

43. The cameras that are mounted to the gate, are cheaply taped together, and not even functional.

44. The Light fixtures hung in the hallway of our building are indoor fixtures, that have been hung outside. Other building have nicer, weather appropriate fixtures.

45.There are animal feces all over all parts of the property, that have not been cleaned up after repeated requests.

46. The door jam on our unit is not the right size, which makes it difficult to lock and unlock the door. Additionally it is gold and doesn't even match the nickel plated door handle that is in place.

The new management is aware of all of these issues and has not yet made any attempt to contact us or fix any of the problems we are having in our unit. This is one of the worst Oklahoma City Apartments.

S C Bodner Apartment Management

SC Bodner Apartment Homes

S C Bodner Luxury Apartments

SC Bodner Oklahoma City

S C Bodner Lawsuits Regarding Fair Housing

S C Bodner Sued

Residence at North Penn

Village at quail springs now residence at north penn

residence at north penn was village at quail springs

b h management group buys village at quail springs an s c bodner property on 4-20-12

residence at north penn apartment review

residence at north penn review

oklahoma city apartments

oklahoma apartments

homes for rent in oklahoma


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