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Villas & Villains.

Updated on February 20, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

This is a Site Plan Picture of Villas in a Village.

One for a Villas.

A Villa in a Village.
A Villa in a Village. | Source

One More Village Villa.

A Villa kept Vacant.
A Villa kept Vacant.

Another Villa with plain plots.

The surroundings of the Villas maintained.
The surroundings of the Villas maintained.

What is a Villa .? [ Its a large luxurious country residence or estate.

See the meaning of Villa.( all around the Villa.)
See the meaning of Villa.( all around the Villa.) | Source

A Layout of Houses called Villas.

Plots Vacant with garbage.
Plots Vacant with garbage. | Source
Under Construction Villa.
Under Construction Villa. | Source
Getting Ready another Villa.
Getting Ready another Villa. | Source
Over 240 Plots just 10 Plots to view.
Over 240 Plots just 10 Plots to view. | Source
Simple Villa an apology for a Villa.
Simple Villa an apology for a Villa. | Source
Walk to Fall.
Walk to Fall. | Source
Road Block.
Road Block. | Source

Villas in Villages.

City is for people in power,people in politics,people with money and others in all the things listed assisting them the listed in doing what ever they want and where ever they want and to whom so ever they need to harass,at any time of the day or night.Why do such harassment happen.To give an example if a person does not pay the rent the apartment owner just picks up the phone and informs the rent recovery agent,he sends his goons and collects the rent warning him next time it will be different type of rent collection,perhaps if its need be in a hospital.

The other perks you enjoy in a city is free load music and political speeches that come so often as election to so many places that you don't know where they are after the election.There are festivals,marriages right on the main road and you can't help.Home construction materials dumped right in front of your home.Roads dug so deep you cant see the bottom of it.If you see there may be a person down there asking you to help him to come up.

If it rains it is flooding in low areas where they would have built houses with out any permission but with the permission of the local politician.You can't reach your home in your usual route.

Other big thing that goes on after the election is road repair.Good roads need to be maintained so they have to be dug,they have to be broadened so traffic moves smoothly.You are again in a jam.

Road cutting is another hazard as closing the cut road would never be redone properly and you have a bump and thud.

Next in line is road Hump a mark of respect for people have laid down their lives in accidents perhaps doing something they ought not should have done like talking on cell phone to their loved ones.

After all and every thing being done as usual you come home and there would have been a power shutdown and you need to sit waiting for mosquito bites and scratching.Even though the weather forecast is favorable your home needs fan to be run always.But no power and no phone.

Fed up with everything you go out for a walk and notice a banner in front of a public sector bank that they are celebrating Loan Mela Festival wondering you go in and see that people are still working with back up power.You meet a guy who looks friendly and ask him what is a loan mela.He tells you that the bank is giving loans to people who want to buy apartments or flats to any tom dick and harry who works in a reputed private company or bank.

The next day you apply for a day's leave go to the bank meet the friendly guy and you get a loan on terms and conditions that the bank has made you to agree.

You are now hunting for a apartment or a read advertisements and to your surprise you see that the people who sell apartments,flats also sell independent " VILLAS ".

You now contact a guy who takes you to see his lay out in such a nice area where there is everything like water,power and security 24x7.You also see nice looking Villas.You are charmed by the looks and place you forget everything and decide to get one apartment or flat or villa so you can have a peaceful retired life.

What you should do now.You have to first think a lot before you commit to any seller of a flat or apartment or villa.They are :-

1 - Do not give money but meet the guy who has paid the money and is happy in the place where you want to stay.

2 - Meet him again and again and collect information that you need to have.

3 - what are those documents or information.

4 - They are best known to professionals consult them.

5 - Make sure you consult a reputed trust worthy man.

6 - Do not give cash pay by cheque only and keep xerox copy of these cheques.

7 - Give construction of your house to a reputed builder and not a maistry.

8 - The plot you buy and the house you construct must be as per VASTU shastra.

9 -  You should never be in a hurry to buy or construct a house.

10 - Electrical work must be from a reputed firm not a contractor with bogus license.

11 - Keep record of all activities of any sort in a student note book allotting a page a day.

12 - Keep detailed records of all payments made,by cheque or petty cash in a student note book allotting a page a day.

13 - The place you stay must have asses to all your daily needs including any Ambulance service to reach the nearest hospital in case of accident.

14 - You should not be servent-less or driver-less in that place.

15 - walking track is a must with good layout and required ambience.

16 - Try to take a friend also in that place who was your classmate in the school.



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