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Vinyl and Aluminum Siding: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Updated on April 1, 2017
A house with siding.
A house with siding.


A good house creates a better home. You have a lot of things to consider when you want your home to look great. You always have a choice and it is good at least in theory. Nowadays, people always opt to house materials which will give them a lot of benefits. One of the building materials that play an important role with homeowners is siding.

Siding: A Brief Background

Siding is an external material that protects your house walls against harshest elements (i.e. weather, animals, insects, sun, etc.) coming into your home. It can keep wind and water from entering as well. Aside from its primary purpose of protecting your house, some homeowners also use siding to save energy by the form of insulation wherein they can save on heating and cooling expenses.

Another reason why you should have a siding with your walls is that it can enhance the appearance and added beauty to your house. As it takes up the majority of the outside surface, it added an appeal and attracts other resident. But there are numerous types of siding, which material will give you the best result?

Vinyl Siding

It is an extruded plastic and it is the most popular choice for home. Let us now examine the pros and cons of this siding.

This type comes with hundreds of colors, different textures and profiles that can give your house a complete versatility. Old vinyl somewhat fade because of the sun and rain but good news is that, new version of vinyl comes with a special coating to prevent siding to fade easily. When it comes to durability, it can actually withstand heavy wind and impact from hail. However, vinyl is not waterproof.

The way it is installed, water can sometimes get between the sidings that can cause molding. Extreme heat and severe cold can also make the vinyl brittle and it can melt too. Furthermore, it resists excessive moisture meaning it won’t rust overtime unlike others.

Good thing about vinyl is that it is low maintenance,you don’t need to repaint it and since it resists pests such as termites it will still keep its original quality. Cleaning it once a year will be very convenient for homeowners. Surprisingly, this siding cost is less than other.

Aluminum Siding

Another good choice of home siding is the aluminum. However, as with any siding, there are also positive and negative sides.

An aluminum can actually insulates better than other siding,it can save the homeowner a considerable on cooling and heating costs. It does not rust too like vinyl. Since it is light weight, it is very easy to install, allowing homeowners to have a freedom in designing the siding and less labor.

Aluminum is a very good protection against moisture, heat and cold since it will never get brittle.But, being light can make this siding dent easily which will be a problem with those who lives in area where hailstorms are common.

Additionally, the paint will fade overtime because the colors baked onto the aluminum. Anyway, you do not need to worry because it can be repaired and repainted. And you know what’s best about this siding? It is non-flammable so your house is safer.


Now, we are more aware regarding the benefits and drawbacks of these two sidings. They are both wonderful options especially when you are considering the cost, effectiveness and durability. They can also provide the same energy savings which is really great.

Of course, you will need help in installing these types of siding. There are a lot of good contractors like siding contractors in Ann Arbor Michigan, which is recommended especially if you are talking about good laborers. Everyone can choose their own siding but choosing the right one can make you a better home.


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    • rebelogilbert profile image

      Gilbert Arevalo 

      19 months ago from Hacienda Heights, California

      Interesting siding information for enhancing the beauty and protection of the house, Evane.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      19 months ago from The Caribbean

      The low maintenance and the protection against moisture get my attention. Thanks for this valuable information.


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