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Visual Comfort Lighting

Updated on June 6, 2013

If you have been shopping for lighting, no doubt you have run across the name Visual Comfort Lighting. Visual Comfort Lighting is a name synonymous with quality and craftsmanship in home decorative lighting. This esteemed company has been producing designer lighting for the home for many, many years. They are dedicated to making lighting fixtures that are both exquisitely beautiful and eminently functional. After all, isn’t that what lighting should be?

Visual Comfort Lighting makes light fixtures from natural materials for a sense of old-world style even when designing in the most contemporary fashions. This lighting company uses silver, chrome, nickel, brass, and copper metals; ceramic, porcelain, and enamel; iron, wood, and hand forged glass; as well as linen, fabric and custom designed paper for its shades and bells. In other words, Visual Comfort Lighting makes lights to last and to be deeply pleasing to the eye.

A bulb without a lamp? Try Visual Comfort Lighting.
A bulb without a lamp? Try Visual Comfort Lighting.

Visual Comfort Collections

The chief lighting designer at Visual Comfort Lighting is Earle F. Chapmen. Under his leadership, the various designers at Visual Comfort create a number of lighting collections. These include both traditional and contemporary styles.

The Chart House collection is Visual Comfort Lighting’s premier brand, which is headed by lighting designer Chapmen. This line of lighting fixtures is the company’s most diverse, and includes lighting accessories and outdoor lighting. Chart House lights include everything from the Paris Flea Market overhead lamp to the Chelsea Reflection Sconce.

Within the Visual Comfort Lighting family are many lighting fixtures and systems by the world’s most renowned designers. In this area, Visual Comfort offers lighting from such designers and Bill Blass and Eric Cohler. The Bill Blass collections serves up antique designs from Europe that have been updated for the contemporary home owner. Eric Cohler, on the other hand, takes tradition seriously by adding a dash of flair and sparkle to his line of Visual Comfort fixtures.

Add to this the many other lines offered by Visual Comfort Lighting, including the Clodaug, Barbara Barry, and Suzanne Kasler collections, and you begin to realize what a diverse company this lighting manufacturer really is. Quality and style, that’s what Visual Comfort is all about.

Purchasing Visual Comfort Lighting

For a free catalogue of all the Visual Comfort Lighting lines, you can visit the company’s website and provide them with your mailing address. Will you are there, you can read a bit more about the company, its philosophy and thoughts on lighting design, as well as browse descriptions of the various Visual Comfort Lighting collections.

There are also many lighting retailers that carry the Visual Comfort brand. One such retailer is called Visual Comfort Lighting Lights. That’s a bit of a mouthful, but this online store offers a full line of the designer fixtures manufactured by Visual Comfort. Whether you are looking for the Thomas O’Brien line, fixtures from the well-known New York designer, or the Michael S. Smith line, known as the “reigning classicist” in designer lighting ideas, this online store can provide you with what you need. Shop by lighting category or by collection, with Visual Comfort consultants available on their toll free telephone line.

For real bargains on Visual Comfort Lighting products, check out NexTag. Listing 20 plus pages of Visual Comfort table lamps, chandeliers, overhead lights, recessed lighting, track lighting, and accessories, NexTag lets you comparison shop with ease. Each variety of light fixture is given a price and a direct link to the retailer that sells it at a reduced cost. Most of the retailers featured at NexTag offer free shipping on Visual Comfort products as well.

Visual Comfort: The Hallmark of Quality

As you can see, this line if lighting fixtures and accessories is one of the most well known and respected in the business. When people hear the name Visual Comfort, they think style, sophistication, and craftsmanship. When they see Visual Comfort Lighting in your home, they think beauty.


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