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Vitamix 5200 Versus S30 - Single or Family Blender?

Updated on July 23, 2014

Vitamix have just released a new personal blender called the S30 -- here we will compare it feature by feature with the 5200, so you get a clear idea as to what each Vitamix blender can offer you and the distinctive differences from one another. Where ultimately the purpose is to give you a clear ideal of which Vitamix blender you should be investing in.

The main points to note are as follows:

1. The S30 is designed as a singular & smaller blender (dimensions: 6" by 8" base and 15" height, compare this with the 5200 with a 7" by 9" base that is 21" tall).

2. Vitamix S30 has smaller containers, with one being designed to be on the go (and they are dishwasher safe compared to the traditional containers with the 5200 that have to be washed out by hand).

3. As the S30 is a singular blender & it is almost 50% less powerful (when comparing motors). This is of course appropriate, given their relative sizes and doesn't have an impact on the relative produce quality.

Vitamix S30 Versus 5200

790 Watts
1380 Watts
40 oz & 20 oz
64 oz & 32 oz
5 Years
7 Years
Variable Speed
Pulse Feature
Recipe Books
A comparison of the differences between the Vitamix S30 and 5200 model.

So as we can see form the comparison table just above that highlights the key differences between the two vitamin blenders, the main point to gather is that the 5200 is designed as a group blender to produce a larger output than the S30 a singular blender for either just yourself (and perhaps a partner).

The idea being that of a potential response to the magic bullet produced by nutri bullet that a full on blender is not always needed (especially for those who live on their own) and the Vitamix blenders model 'full on sizes' would be a bit of an overkill. So the S30 is certainly a welcome addition, a more compact machine, designed for quick smoothies.

Price Range

The first thing to notice in particular between these two models is the price of each. To me, I am a little surprised at just how expensive the S30 actually is -- it is only a little less than the classic variable speed model (which is our Vitamix 5200 that we are comparing it to). There's a price difference of just over $100 -- obviously this will vary from shop to shop, but generally speaking the place to sort the best prices on Vitamix blenders would be

Blending Power

On the other hand not so surprisingly is that considering it is a singular blender it isn't powerful as the other Vitamix blenders in the range, whereby its motor is rated at 790 watts -- compare this with the 5200 which motor is at 1440 watts. Again, though it doesn't need to be as big as it isn't cutting up the same amount of produce. A slight concern however is over the 'harder' ingredients, nuts & carrots and the like -- will it blend them up just as nicely as the 5200 does. I'm not as sure.


This is where Vitamix have done a fair bit of alterations and have actually pulled of some nice little improvements in comparison to their traditional blender line up. So the S30 as stated comes with two containers -- you get one 40 ounce container that pretty much takes on the same aspects as the original Vitamix blender containers (although just slightly smaller, wheras with the Vitamix 5200 it comes in at 64 oz for wet produce) as well as a 20 ounce smoothie container, that you can drink directly from. The other vitamix container is a 32 oz dry container.

It is the second one that is interesting -- its been designed with a double-wall insulation so your smoothies stays nice and cool (it is without a tamper, so isn't meant for producing hot produce nor anything too thick either). You will need to also ensure that enough ingredients (easy enough if you just follow one of the Vitamix recipes provided with the S30) to ensure that it will circulate sufficiently.

In order to pick it up and be on the go, the S30 allows you to unscrew the blade, this is an aspect that no other vitamix blender has ever been able to do. The S30 also provides you with an attachable lid for this container (so you can obviously take it on the go) and its base is designed as a regular standard fit cup holder. For me, it seems to be ideal for making a smoothie in the morning that you can take with you in the car as you go to work or the gym.

Furthermore, the S30 containers are the first that can be cleaned via the dishwasher, this isn't so for the other Vitamix blenders incl. the 5200 -- which instead have to be washed out by hand. Obviously, as the S30 has new containers, you can't switch and match with differing Vitamix blenders.

Warranty Coverage

For me another rather surprising aspect is that the S30 has been backed by a 5 year warranty coverage program whereas all the other Vitamix models are backed for 7 years (apart from the 6000 and two speed blenders), obviously this is a two year difference.

Should You Buy the S30 or 5200?

For me, this is an obvious one (well for now anyway). It basically depends on what your situation is. If you live alone and are frequently out and about the S30 makes perfect sense, there is no need to make huge batches of produce if it is just for you. On the other hand, if you have house mates or in a family, a larger blender such as the 5200 is the more ideal way to go.

Although the price of the S30 for me at the moment is a bit steep (although baring in mind that Vitamix blenders aren't cheap anyway), it will come down with time and when it gets into the $375 range, I think it will definitely prove to be a great buy. The 5200 as it is though, is a fantastic option even now.

Which Vitamix Would You Get?

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