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Voodoo Knife Block

Updated on January 10, 2011

Like I said, “or is it?”

Pardon me, the above was just a reference to my last hub.

Available colors

Anyway, the Voodoo Knife Block is that crazy-looking voodoo stab doll knife holder. We all know that in voodoo, “curse” is humanized by inserting pins and needles to a doll. The “target” then feels whatever pain he deserves, or so they say. Replace the pins and needles and knives and you get a handy little knife holder. A clever and simple idea, it definitely is. We owe the design to renowned Italian designer Raffaele Iannello of Rafz Design Studio.

Some retailers reference these (or similar copied items) as “The Ex.”

If you are interested in purchasing one of these bad boys, this hub is definitely for you. What follows are its features (more about the product), reviews, and deals.

About the Voodoo Knife Block

The knife block comes with its own set of five different kitchen knives made from one-piece stainless steel alloys— Molybdenum and Vanadium to be exact. That’s just the way it is packaged. After all, the knives are nicely-designed as well, and I think you will have a hard time finding knives that match this elsewhere.

Other views

The block is constructed from tough ABS plastic. There are of course five slots for the five knives. The knives, for safety, are secured by magnets located in the voodoo man, hidden from plain sight. The knives also come with safety sheaths in unobtrusive frosted color that add protection to the blades from the back of the block (exposed part).

To be exact, the five knife slots are located on the right knee, the left thigh, the stomach, the chest, and the head. Each slot is specific to its knife—non-interchangeable.

The block is assembled by attaching the base to the feet of the man. The base is securely attached by two bolds, again hidden from plain sight, connected from under the base to each foot. As for its size, the block measures 38.5 centimeters high and roughly 25 centimeters wide—it is bigger than most people think as it is deceptively small in the photos.

Originally, the block was available in bright red, black and chrome. Currently we’ve seen originals and copies that are colored pink and green from some retailers. The chrome units are not made from metal—made from chrome paint over plastic—however, the shine is stunning and you can’t tell from afar that it is plastic.

The knives include a pairing knife, a utility knife, a bread knife, a carver, and a chef’s knife.

The knife block is available from a lot of online retailers but we've compiled a list of the cheapest ones below. Good luck and I hope to see this man in your kitchen soon.

The Voodoo Knife Block starts at $68.49 from


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    • voodoospell profile image


      6 years ago from 1958 South 950 East Provo

      Very interesting hub i heard about voodoo knife first time .I am glad to read.

    • edelhaus profile image


      7 years ago from Munich, Germany



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